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International moves to South West England, or anywhere in the world, can feel like an overwhelming experience. It can really be a wise investment to get the right international mover to help you with your move and help put your mind at ease. Avoid some of the mental and physical stress of your move by enlisting the help of moving professionals!

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Intlmovers offers you a very simple way of finding a number of international moving companies who specialise in moves from all over the globe to South West England in the UK. You can obtain quotes from up to six international movers to easily compare services and costs, and uncover the best options for your international move. Save time and money on your international move!

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Comparing quotes is a great way of saving money but it is important to ensure that you are comparing value rather than just price. Make sure that you take in to consideration the offer it its entirety. Often the cheapest price is not necessarily the best, so you should always have a full understanding of exactly what is being included for the price.

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Moving to South West England

In area, South West England is the largest of the regions that is defined by the government of the United Kingdom, covering nearly 24 thousand square kilometres. It has a population of around five million people, and is made up of the major cities and towns of Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall. The administrative headquarters for the region is based in Plymouth. The South West England region also includes two national parks and four World Heritage sites, including the world famous Stonehenge.

The south west of England is also a great place to live. It’s within a short distance from London and a few international Airports. This area is also headquarters to several international companies offering a healthy job market and easier commute times for work. Recently, new home and apartment improvements and developments in the area have made South West England an affordable alternative to Living in London area.

The South West of England has a good mix of the modern urban life and a little bit of the country side. Green rolling hills mixed with shopping malls, health clubs in a country urban setting make this an ideal place to work or live. The South West also enjoys a little more sunshine less rain and warmer conditions than the North. If you need to get away you can easily take the train and be in the heart of London or in Europe in no time.

Things to do in the UK (Top 5)

  1. The London Eye- The World’s largest viewing platform.
  2. The National History Museum- One of the best Natural History collections in the World.
  3. Pub with your mates- Join a friend or colleague for a pint, everyone does it.
  4. Buckingham Palace- Visit the British Queen well at least tease the guards!
  5. Portobello Road Market- Shop at the largest outdoor street market.

Visa requirements for South West England

Most people who are arranging an international relocation must ensure that they have the correct approval for legal arrival and stay in their elected country. Regulations and the associated approvals vary considerably. Depending on the passport you are travelling with, your nationality, the length and reason for travel. You should always check with the embassy in your home country to ensure that you have the latest and correct information.They can tell you everything about regarding visa and customs requirements for your intended stay.

EU citizens do not need a visa to work or live in the UK nor do they need a driver’s license for the UK. They will however be required to get a social insurance card. You need the correct approval for your stay in England. It doesn’t matter where you are staying.

Cost of Living in the South West England

The cost of living in the UK is comparable to most developed countries to possibly slightly higher. London is one of the more expensive places to live. Living in the South West of London or in other locations can be reasonable. You can find better property or rental prices across the South west of the UK. The South West is also known as a heavy logistics area and home office to many international companies. Transportation in this area is quite good for alterative commuting to work. However the highways can be often very busy due to the amount of employment in the surrounding area.

Housing Prices in SW England

  • 1 Bedroom Flat for sale in Bristol, SW UK £149,950
  • 3 Bedroom Terraced House in Bristol, SW UK £290,000

Flats to Rent in South West England

  • 3 Bedroom apartments in Clifton to rent walking distance from shopping center £1200
  • 2 Bedroom flat to rent in Bristol £1150

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Don’t give your personal property to just anyone for your move to England. Intlmovers has movers with expertise in international moving from any location worldwide to the UK. They have been moving people to the UK for Years! Relax your property will be receiving efficient and expert transport; our movers will take proper care of your move and ensure nothing will get damaged.

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You do not have to have to respond to any of the quotes that you receive from Intlmovers. Be sure you are 100% satisfied with the quote then give it a try. The quotes that you receive are provided are completely free, but they are also completely obligation free!

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