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When you are making an international Moving to Northern Ireland or anywhere in the world, it can feel like an overwhelming experience. Make a wise investment and get the right international mover to help you with your move and help put your mind at ease. Get help from experienced moving companies and avoid all the stress!

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Intlmovers offers you a very simple way of finding a number of international moving companies who specialize in moves from all over the globe to Northern Ireland. You can obtain quotes from up to six international movers to easily compare services and costs, and uncover the best options for your international move. Save time and money on your international move!

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Comparing quotes is a great way of saving money but it is important to ensure that you are comparing value rather than just price. Make sure that you take in to consideration the offer it its entirety. Often the cheapest price is not necessarily the best, so you should always have a full understanding of exactly what is being included for the price.

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  1. Our movers are industry professionals with years of experience in moving to Northern Ireland.
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Moving to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is loosely termed ‘province’ of the United Kingdom comprised of six northern counties in Ireland with a population of 1.8 million people. Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland and home to one third of the population in N. Ireland. The territory is currently still considered a territory of the United Kingdom and the British pound is its main currency. Even though the Northern territory has not officially been handed over to the Republic of Ireland, peace and economic stability have risen greatly since 2006.

The climate of Ireland as a whole is Oceanic and kept steady year around by the Gulf Stream that blows across Ireland making it mild and free from sea ice during the winter. The average daily temperature in the winter is between 4°C- 7°C, it generally rains often but never has extreme weather like tornadoes or hurricanes or snowy conditions. It can freeze quit often in the winter from cold air conditions but almost never snows. The summers are mild to warm and have dryer pleasant conditions.

Rainfall is quite noticeable in Ireland and you can expect to see anywhere between 151 to 225 wet days out of the year with an average of 3 hours of sunlight per day in the North. To deal with the wet grey conditions, people in Ireland are quite friendly and social. The Irish love anything that includes getting out and joining friends and neighbors such as having a drink at the local pub, attending a festival or joining a sporting club or interest group helps to get their mind off the weather. It might be why there are no shortages of golf courses or pubs in Ireland.

Top things to do in Northern Ireland (top 5)

  1. Enjoy a pint with the locals- There are more than 1,600 pubs in Northern Ireland.
  2. Visit Belfast castle- Once home to once Marques Donegall designed after the then recent built Queen Victoria’s Balmoral home.
  3. Tour Belfast in a day- Belfast sightseeing tours is a god way to see the city and brush up on its history.
  4. Trek the Mountains of Mourne- Rolling hills with emerald green grass surrounded by the makes for a great day hike or picnic.
  5. Waterfront Hall- Take in an Opera or play at the magnificent waterfront hall.

Visa requirements for Northern Ireland
Getting a long term visa for Northern Ireland is a bit tricky depending on where you are coming from. If you are moving from the UK or European Union then no problem, you will not need a residence visa. Ireland and the United Kingdom are European Union Member and EU citizens are free to travel and work within the European Union without a visa.

If you are coming from a non EU land or the UK and need to apply for a longer term visa or work permit to Northern Ireland, then you need to request a visa through the visa and immigration office in the United Kingdom. I would advise considering a 3 party visa service to help process your visa as the rules have changed recently.

Cost of Living in the Northern Ireland
Recent economic investments have been underway in Northern Ireland to bring in more companies seeking to establish a European Home office particularly in high tech. Currently the job market is sluggish all over Ireland during the current economic conditions. However there is still a demand for higher skilled workers particularly in IT.

Workers on average in Northern Ireland earn less than other developed countries such as the United States or Europe. However they do benefit from lower tax rates and very inexpensive affordable housing cost. The current costs of living are comparable to the United Kingdom meaning that prices for household goods, groceries are about the same. People in Northern Ireland do pay more for gas and heating oil though.

To get an idea on the job market from Northern Ireland here a few actual job salary ranges.

  • Accounting, Book keeping, credit control, Between £12,000 and £21,000 per year
  • Customer service advisor, office support, accounts assistant, credit controller, £6.52 per hour to £8.00 per hour
  • Design Engineer -AutoCAD £25,000 to £30,000 per year
  • Sr. Management between £40,000 and £60,000

Housing Prices in Northern Ireland

  • 3 bedroom house Andersonstown Belfast £115,
  • 4 Detached Home only 10 years old well maintained, Belfast £125,000
  • 3 Bedroom Home in Ballymena, Antrim £99,950

Rents In Northern Ireland

  • 3 Bedroom 2 bath semi detached home for rent in Belfast £495 mo.
  • 1 bedroom apartment Belfast very modern and clean new kitchen & Bath £475


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You would not give the keys to your house to a stranger, so would you use just any mover?. Intlmovers has movers with expertise in international moving from any location worldwide and to Ireland. Our movers have been moving people worldwide for years! Your property is in good hands with experienced licensed professionals; proper care will be taken during the move. Moving your property safely comes first.

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You do not have to have to respond to any of the quotes that you receive from Intlmovers. Be sure you are 100% satisfied with the quote then give it a try. The quotes that you receive are provided are completely free, but they are also completely obligation free!

Moving to Northern Ireland
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