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If you are considering an International move to the UK and have never had the experience of living or working abroad there are a lot of details to brush up on before you leave and start a new life. Most people think moving and living abroad will be exactly the way it was at home. If you are lucky it will be but most often there are a lot of challenges that lay ahead that you may have not have anticipated. Don’t let the little frustrations build into disappointment. Preparing ahead can help you enjoy your new home and help you deal with understanding unfamiliar situations.

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Moving companies are ready for anything whether you need white glove service, door to door or just transport, our movers are experienced in moves to the United Kingdom. It is completely normal to have questions about your move; don’t worry our movers will communicate all the steps and procedures to you. Our moving companies are use to questions and will be happy to help. Just let them know what you need and ask any questions that you are concerned with.

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If you would like to effortlessly obtain up to six completely free international moving quotes, simply use the drop down menu to select your departure location and your intended destination. Our system matches your selection with up to six international movers who focus on moves to the destination you have chosen. No chasing around, they will contact you back directly and send you a quote to your preferred email or postal address.

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How Intlmovers.com works
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To quickly and easily compare movers for your international moving needs, simply:

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  1. The international movers have many years of experience with international moving.
  2. Avoid stress by letting the international moving companies manage the logistics.
  3. Conveniently compare international moving services in the comfort of your home.

About moving to the UK

The UK is not as cold as everyone seems to think. In fact the temperatures are quite mild ranging between 8°C in the winter to a comfortable 18°C in the summer. It does rain quite often as the UK so famously is known for but in reality Belgium, Holland and Northern France receive the same weather conditions. London and some of the central parts of UK have a little more fog whilst the Northern portion of the UK does receive the most amount of rain.

Staying active is always key for people moving to a new country. Generally you will find that British citizens enjoy warm company and a friendly smile to chase away the grey skies. Pubs are a past time in the UK and a great way to meet local neighbors and socialize with colleagues. And for the milder entertainment join your friends for a traditional British high tea. The UK also has many woodlands, forest and natural parks to explore for those that enjoy a little extra exercise. Finding a good balance of hobbies, activities and friends will help you to get through any difficult or uncertain times.

Residence Visa for the UK
In 2010 the United Kingdom has changed many of its former visa regulations. Some visa categories may no longer be offered. Its best to check with the UK Boarder agency ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk for the latest visa requirements. You can still move to the UK if you have been offered a job or would like to reunite with family, children, partner or spouse. Some of the conditions have been slightly modified so it is best to review this information before you plan to travel.

Facts about the UK

  1. The population in the UK is around 61 million, that’s 23 million more than the beginning of the 20th century.
  2. The UK has a constitutional Monarchy.
  3. The average Brit eats fish on Fridays. It’s a tradition that comes from the Catholic Church long ago that requires fish to be eaten on Fridays. But Brits love Fish N Chips anyway!
  4. You have the right to watch television but you have to pay a license tax.
  5. Pets may be brought into the country but may be subject to quarantine for a few months before taking them home.

Planning your move to the UK

The top three things most people need to plan for are preparing to move, getting a visa for the UK and looking for work in the UK. The first step is deciding what to take and what to leave behind. Unfortunately there may be a few things you need to leave behind. You might need to leave anything with a plug behind unless your electrical power in your country is 240V. In the US for example the power is 210V and your electrical devices simply will not work in the UK or Europe. Computers and mobile phones are an exception since you can adjust their power settings so do take them along.

Take the essential things that make a house a home or that hold value to you. Getting use to a new country can feel strange at first and it can help to look around the house and see things that make you feel comfortable. Take only the most valuable items, some items such as bathroom accessories, small inexpensive furniture you can leave behind because it adds unnecessary volume to your shipment and that will bring up your moving cost.

Most international moving companies like the ones that belong to intlmovers will do the paper work for importing your property into the UK. It is good to keep in mind that if you are moving to the UK from a European Union country you do not have to pay a VAT tax to ship your personal goods. If you are outside of the European Union this applies to you as well. Do not let anyone tell you that you need to pay a VAT tax on importing your household goods into the United Kingdom. This is often a scam used by unreliable moving companies. If you are told you need to pay, get a second opinion or go to hmrc.gov.uk for import information.

The standard for paying for international moving is a deposit upfront and the remainder of the balance when your house hold items reach the port of destination. Never pay the entire shipping cost up-front generally this is never done and again it could be a signal that it could be a moving scam.

Professional International Movers

Experience comes from years of knowing what our customers moving needs are and providing the best value for their money. This is why Inltmovers has worked hard at giving you professional moving companies that can handle just about any move for any situation. We provide you the quotes supplying you the right expertise for international moving. They will handle your personal items with care to make sure nothing is damaged and take care of all of the paperwork.

No Obligation to use our moving quotes

You can request as many quotes as you like without obligation. After receiving your quote responses from the international moving companies directly, you can take as much time as you like to review and make a decision. Not convinced by any of the offers you received? You’re under absolutely no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive should you feel that they don’t meet your needs.

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