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Moving to Central UK

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Moving to Central UK

When you are making Moving to Central UK or anywhere in the world, it can feel like an overwhelming experience. Make a wise investment and get the right international mover to help you with your move and help put your mind at ease. Get help from experienced moving companies and avoid all the stress!

Comparing international moving quotes

Intlmovers offers you a very simple way of finding a number of international moving companies who specialise in moves from all over the globe to South West England in the UK. You can obtain quotes from up to six international movers to easily compare services and costs, and uncover the best options for your international move. Save time and money on your international move!

Value of international movers

Comparing quotes is a great way of saving money but it is important to ensure that you are comparing value rather than just price. Make sure that you take in to consideration the offer it its entirety. Often the cheapest price is not necessarily the best, so you should always have a full understanding of exactly what is being included for the price.

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To quickly and easily compare international movers for global relocations:

  1. Choose where you are moving to and from on the menu.
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Main reasons to use Intlmovers

  1. Our movers are industry professionals with years of experience in moving to central England.
  2. There is no need to worry our movers will handle all the paperwork.
  3. Conveniently compare international moving services in the comfort of your home.

Moving to Central UK

The Central part of the England as known as the Midlands. This part of England has a mixture of number of larger cities and towns and a variety of country side. It was home of William Shakespeare and the center of the industrial revolution. The surrounding countryside in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire is known for raising sheep, ducks, pigs and cattle. This part of the UK has mild temperatures that rarely fall to 0°C in the winter. In fact temperatures usually remain between 10°C and 18°C year round.

Central UK or Midlands also includes a surprising mix of Industry alongside traditional small villages that remind you of the past. You may find this part of the UK to have a little more room than most of the UK mainly because the surrounding country side throughout Warwickshire, Derbyshire, and Shropshire. These areas are less populated and include National Parks, Rivers and forest. Nottinghamshire one of the counties in Central UK, was where the famous legend of Robin Hood was born.

Things to do in Central England (Top 5)

  1. Visit the Caverns- Explore the Limestone underground caverns located in Derbyshire.
  2. Explore the Severn Bore- One of the largest estuary bores in the World.
  3. Enjoy a play at the Royal Shakespeare theater- The playhouse that made Shakespeare famous.
  4. Warwick Castle- One of the most preserved castles medieval castles found in the UK.
  5. Sherwood Forrest- Once covering three quarters of this county now only 450 acres of forest but still wonderful for a trek in the forest.

Visa requirements for Central England
In order to live in the United Kingdom you need to have a residence visa. If you plan on working you need to get a work permit and social insurance card. There has been some recent changed on residence visa since 2010 and many of the rules have changed and can change from year to year. You need to check the United Kingdoms Boader Agencys website for the latest information on visa and permits in the UK.

Cost of Living in the Central England
The cost of living in Central UK is affordable in comparison to the London area. The housing prices in the rural areas are less expensive than London whilst salaries remain the same. You can also find a lot more value and space in properties in the Central parts of the UK than you would get in the London area. Utility bills, tax, food and cost of consumer goods remain the same mostly throughout the UK. Some of the more rural areas may not have the convenience of larger chain retailers and shopping malls making it more difficult to purchase some items you might need. Internet retailers can help you out in these situations.

Housing Prices in Central UK

  • 3 bedroom terraced house Shrewsbury £202,000
  • 3 Bedroom House Pedmore beautiful neighborhood large garden £275,000
  • 3 Bedroom Home in Shrewsbury Shropshire large garden £240,000

Flats to Rent in South West England

  • 3 Bedroom apartments in Clifton to rent walking distance from shopping center £1200
  • 2 Bedroom flat to rent in Bristol £1150

Flats to Rent in Central UK

  • 3 Bedroom apartments in Birmingham walking distance from shopping center £2000 mo.
  • 2 Bedroom spacious apartment in Worchester £675
  • 1 bedroom apartment Worchester private parking walking distance to city center £460

Professional International Movers

Don’t give your personal property to just anyone for your move to England. Intlmovers has movers with expertise in international moving from any location worldwide to the UK. They have been moving people to the UK for Years! Relax your property will be receiving efficient and expert transport; our movers will take proper care of your move and ensure nothing will get damaged.

No Obligation to use our moving quotes

You do not have to have to respond to any of the quotes that you receive from Intlmovers. Be sure you are 100% satisfied with the quote then give it a try. The quotes that you receive are provided are completely free, but they are also completely obligation free!

Moving to Central UK
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