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No matter where in the world you are moving from, hundreds of people make the move to Slovenia every day. If you are also considering such a move, you are no doubt looking for a reliable international moving partner to help you make such a move. We can help you find the right moving company, at the right price, for your international move to Slovenia.

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In order to get the best value for any type of purchase, one of the best options is to obtain a number of quotes before you make your final decision. It sounds simple, but sometimes you have not got the time to do all the chasing around and you just need to get things organized. Intlmovers offers to do the work for you, completely cost free, and it happens automatically. You submit one request, and we match your moving needs to the profiles of the international movers. Up to six matching companies receive your request simultaneously, and will respond to you independently and provide you with a custom quote for your international moving request.

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By selecting where you are moving from and moving to using the menu on this page, you will immediately see a list of up to six companies that are ready and waiting to assist you with your quote needs. They are specialists in international moves to Slovenia, so you are not left chasing around afterwards. You simply get the information and the answers you need, with a number of versions to compare from a number of different movers.

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How Intlmovers.com works
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  1. International moving companies listed here have experience with moves to Slovenia.
  2. Reduce your stress by letting international movers manage your logistics and moving jobs.
  3. Convenient option to compare international moving services in the comfort of your home.

Moving to Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia is a former state of Yugoslavia, which become independent in 1991. The country covers an area of slightly more than 20 thousand square kilometers and has a population of nearly 2.1 million people. The capital city of Ljubljana has a population of approximately 275,000 people, marking it also the largest city in the country. Other large cities in Slovenia include Maribor (90,000 people), Celje (37,000 people) and Kranj (36,000 people).

Climate of Slovenia
Slovenia’s south eastern location in Europe is a meeting point for mountainous region of the Alps and the Dinarides, as well as the Adriatic Sea. Much of the country is at least 200m above sea level and more than half of the country is covered in forest. These factors influence the climate across Slovenia. The north east of the country experiences a Continental climate, the coastal areas have a sub-Mediterranean climate and the higher mountain areas have an Alpine climate. Rainfall is experienced consistently across Slovenia although the amounts vary across the country, as do snowfall levels.

Slovenian economy
Of the Slavic states, Slovenia is considered to have the highest economic development. The main areas of employment across the country include services making up nearly 70% of the workforce, although building is a major area for education and training. Tourism contributes immensely to the economy, with locations such as Lake Bled and the port town of Piran proving the most popular choices for most.

Experience of our international movers

In the event of arranging an international move, for many it can be a once in a lifetime experience. That is why taking advantage of the experience of international moving companies can be a real relief. Their level of knowledge, skill and expertise can help expedite the many logistical needs for your move. It will not only save your back and legs trying to get a family heirloom down a narrow staircase, but they will save you time and energy for your move too.

Obligation free quotes

You can rest assured that all requests made via Intlmovers are made without any obligation whatsoever. There is no need to stress or chase around, just get the answers that you need in one simple request. After you have received your different responses from the moving companies, take your time and discuss your needs. Make an informed decision for your move and for your moving budget. If you are not satisfied with the quotes you receive, all quotes are provided completely obligation free so you may choose not to accept any of them.

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