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Moving to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a large country that makes up the bulk of the Arabian peninsula. The country covers an area of 2.25 thousand square kilometers. The population of the Saudi Arabia is close to 27 million people. However, it is estimated that nearly nine million people are legally registered expats along with around 1.5 million illegal foreigners.

The capital and largest city in Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. The official language is Arabic although English is widely known in the capital. Saudi Arabia is famous for its oil deposits. This resource makes up around 90% of its exports. Natural gas is also a major natural resource for the country.

Visa requirements for Saudi Arabia
All visitors to Saudi Arabia must have a visa with the exception of transit passengers (who are staying in the airport for a maximum of 18 hours) and nationals from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. You can apply for your Saudi Arabian visa up to three months prior to travel.

It is important to note that tourist visas are only issued to limited groups and are for sponsored people or approved people visiting family or friends. Women should be aware that due to strict rules in Saudi Arabia, if you are travelling alone then you need to be met by a sponsor or male relative, and be able to show proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay. Additionally, you should be aware of the Saudi Arabian laws and tradition as visitors who are judged to be behaving indecently may have entry refused.

Saudi Arabia business visas are available for approved businessmen, investors, sales managers and representatives, accountants and consultants who are travelling only for the purpose of visiting Saudi Arabia for a business reason. A Saudi Arabian business visa request also requires a valid sponsor in the country from an acknowledged Saudi Arabian business. You will need to be able to provide proof of this with presentation of an official invitation letter, which needs to be certified by a Saudi Chamber of Commerce as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The processing of a Saudi Arabian visa can take variable amounts of time depending on the time of year it is, your nationality and the type of visa that you are requesting. The cost of your visa is also determined by the type of visa that you are requesting.

Popular moves to Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Australia United States Spain Canada Pakistan Jordan Oman Qatar 

Saudi Arabia is a popular international destination for people from Unites Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia and the Unites States

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Relax! The international moving companies that promote their services with Intlmovers are reputable professionals in the world of shipping and logistics. Their expertise in personal and business relocations will help you enjoy a stress free move, knowing that your goods are being well cared for and managed throughout the moving process. The companies have years of professional experience in the industry.

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