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Got plans to move to Pune? Get packing and let the international movers from Intlmovers do the rest. Intlmovers is one of the most convenient moving services to help you plan an international move and gather moving quotes. Intlmovers is an online quotation comparison service that is completely free, so you can compare moving quotes and get the best price!

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Using Intlmovers is one of the easiest ways to find the right international mover to compare moving quotations. When you submit a moving request form, your moving information is immediately forwarded to up to six international moving companies who assist you with a quote or any questions you may have about how to pack for your move to Pune. They will make contact with you directly in order to arrange a customized quote for your Indian move.

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Requesting a number of quotes in a single request helps you prepare a moving budget and get an idea of the services available. You don’t have to call movers or fill out multiple international move quotations separately. You save money not only by comparing their quotes, but you can sample different services and related cost to your move. The best part about using this service is that you can use Intlmovers without any obligation whatsoever. You only accept quotes that you are completely satisfied will meet your moving requirements!

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  1. The international moving companies have years of experience with moves to Pune.
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Moving to Pune, India

Pune is the eighth largest economy in India with a population of about 5 million+ people in the city. The climate in Pune is pretty much the same as most of India very warm to dry tropical hot. Temperatures can range from about 23- 40°C(86 /108°F). Summers can be hotter and visited by thunderstorms In the hottest months. The region in Pune is very hilly because it sits at 560 meters above sea level.

Pune is a large metropolitan city to say the least. It’s streets buzz with daily traffic and it offers all the regular conveniences you would expect most major cites to have. You can find a mix of living conditions from luxury housing and condominiums and clean beautiful neighborhoods to more affordable neighborhoods for lower budgets. The inner city has mostly apartments which are the preferred choice. In contrast, on the outskirts of the city you will find extreme poverty and unclean conditions. The abundance in wealth mixed with extreme poverty is part of India. Its takes a little getting used to and partly shapes the Indian culture. But beyond the mix of poverty and wealth is a country rich in history and wild beauty from temples to natural parks and white sandy untamed beaches, it’s a wonderful country to explore.

Top 5 things to explore in Pune

  1. Sri Balaji Mandir- This temple is about 2 hours outside of Pune located in the mountains. It is a wonderful place to spend the day.
  2. Laxmi Road- This open air market has just about everything. It can be a bit crowded but it’s a good place for bargains!
  3. Wander the Pataleshwar- This is both a temple and caves built in the 8th century. The outside was ornamental carved, great place to visit.
  4. Shaniwar Wada Fort- Full preserved fort built in the 17th century, tours and show are given regularly.
  5. Dine at the George restaurant- Popular restaurant, great atmosphere and food average dinner under $10

Cost of Living Pune

The cost of living in Pune is quite low for almost everything depending on where your source of income is from. For people studying or on retirement you can expect your expenses including housing to be very low bearing in mind that larger properties with all modern conveniences, security, swimming pool and housekeeping are much higher almost as much as you would pay in any major metropolitan city. Food is inexpensive and so are utilities. The utility expenses such as gas, cable and electric can run around $90for 2 people in an apartment. Housing is quite reasonable we have some actual apartment prices listed from current property rentals. But you need to see the properties first hand. Never lease a property without inspecting it first because the quality is incredibly different and its usually reflected in the price. Some only have running water while other properties will include parking, security guard and air conditioning. It’s hot in India and probably a good idea to ask if your property comes with air conditioning.

Apartment Prices in Pune

  • 2 bedroom apartment, water, lift, security, parking $245 mo.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment with water, lift, parking, and swimming pool $1200 US/ 1008 EUR mo.
  • 2 Bedroom flat 1600 sq. ft Water, lift, swimming pool $201 mo.

* Note: It is illegal for non Indian Nationals to purchase property in India.

Requirements for getting a visa for India

India offers a variety of visas for residence and work. Visas are issued for visiting, work, research, study, business, projects or medical. It’s good to note that if you plan to work in the country you must obtain an employment visa. You can apply for a visa to India in a few ways. You can apply at your local Indian Embassy in your country; you can apply with the government of India online. You can even use a third party visa processing company who will handle all of your paperwork and get your visa processed quickly. Keep in mind you are not permitted to enter India without a valid visa to do apply and have your visa ready before travel.

Tips for Living in Pune India

  • Negotiate transportation fees upfront – Most taxis have rate cards which give you their prices upfront. Ask to see the rate card or negotiate the rate before you ride or you may lose money on fare scams some drivers use on tourist.
  • Get registered with a Doctor – Its best to not wait until you are sick to find out how the healthcare system works. Get your health insurance set up right away and contact them for information on how to find a doctor.
  • Be flexible with expectations and people – Small things such as blackouts occur or travel conditions can be difficult to deal with, always keep yourself flexible and have a backup in case things don’t work out as you need them to. Being prepared for things to go wrong will help you to not let small things spoil your day. You are in India and it is not like anywhere else.
  • The locals know where the bargains are at – A great way to get started furnishing your home or saving a little money is find out where the locals shop. There are regular retail chain stores everywhere, but there are also many places local people go to find the bargains.

Experience of our international movers

Once you have requested quotes you can feel confident in the knowledge that the companies who respond to you are reputable international moving companies. They have many years of trusted and reliable service to the international moving industry. That way, you can feel sure that your goods are being well handled and managed throughout the moving process to your new location in India.

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Rest assured that all requests that are made via Intlmovers are absolutely obligation free. Whilst you may receive up to six quotes for your international move to Pune, it is completely up to you to take your time, review your options and make your own choice about your preferred moving company. If you do not feel satisfied with any offers you receive, you are under no obligation to select any at all.

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