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You are making an international move to Portugal and you need to find an international moving company to help you complete your relocation. It can be done quickly and easily when you make use of the online services offered by Intlmovers. We can help you find the right international moving company, who help people with moves coming from all over the world, to their new home in Portugal.

Making an international move to Portugal

Saving time can be crucial when you are in the middle of arranging an international move. There are lots of priorities that are likely taking up your time. Finding a new home, job or school in the area of Portugal that you are moving to might be just a few of your important tasks. Additionally, you are trying to tie up all the loose ends at your current address. With all these things going on, it can be a real relief knowing that you have secured the services of a local expert who is a global professional.

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Using Intlmovers is a cost free way of getting in touch with a number of international moving companies in a single request. It is quick and it is easy to obtain up to six quotes from companies who customize their needs to your specific moving requirements. Simply choose where you are moving from (and to) using the handy drop down menu below, and you’re already half way there! Compare quotes and save money for your international move to Portugal.

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How Intlmovers.com works
  1. Choose where you are moving to and from on the menu
  2. Select from the listed international movers
  3. Complete the simple online quotation request form

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Comparing quotes for your international move to Portugal is simple:

  1. Use the drop down menu to select the moving from and to locations; click on ‘Find moving companies!’
  2. Take a look at the presented list of international moving companies; click on ‘Request quotation’
  3. Fill in the short request form and receive quotes directly for international moves to Portugal.

Why you should use Intlmovers

  1. International moving companies you find here have experience with moves to Portugal.
  2. Reduce your stress levels and get the movers to manage the international moving logistics.
  3. Handy option to compare international moving services in the comfort of your home.

Moving to Portugal

Located in south west Europe and covering a little more than 92 thousand square kilometers, the total population of Portugal is nearly 11 million people. The country has two major urban areas, Porto and Lisbon, which is home to more than half of the country’s population (in the extended metropolitan areas). There are 18 districts that make up mainland Portugal, although Portugal also has the regions of Madeira and Azores, which are archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal.

Located on the Tagus River, Lisbon is the country’s capital city and has a population of more than 3 million people. It is home to the Vasco de Gama Bridge, which is Europe’s longest bridge at a length of just over 17 kilometers.

The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, although in the north east of the country, Mirandese is spoken and officially recognized. The national currency of Portugal is the Euro.

Climate of Portugal
Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild but wet winters, with annual rainfall averaging around 3,000mm per year.

Economy of Portugal
Travel and tourism is an important industry for Portugal, and the country welcomes around 13 million visitors from international countries each year. Portugal is one of the world’s largest producers of cork, and one of Europe’s major copper producers. In general, the average wage in Portugal is very low compared to other western European countries.

Experience of our international movers

Whilst it may seem like a simple task of packing a few boxes and putting them in a truck or shipping container, those in the know understand the true value of experience when it comes to international logistics. The amount of administration and co-ordination that occurs at the back end when arranging an international move is immense. By letting international moving partners from Intlmovers help you, you can rest assured that your personal shipment is being well handled and managed throughout the entire process.

Obligation free quotes

We provide you with up to six international moving quotes with a single request, which can really help you easily compare and evaluate your options to make a better informed decision for your international move to Portugal. After you have taken the time to review the quotes that you have received, in the unlikely scenario that you find you are not fully satisfied that any of the quotes you received quite meets your expectations or needs, you are under no obligation. All quotes provided by Intlmovers are completely obligation free.

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