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Moving to Perth, Australia

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Moving to Perth, Australia

Perth is considered to be one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. It is the capital city of the state of Western Australia. Travel distances to other capital cities are quite extensive. In fact, to drive from Perth to the border of the neighbor state of South Australia is close to 1500 kilometers! Preparation is very important step in a long journey. It is useful to have a little information about Moving to Perth, Australia.

Perth lifestyle
The relaxed pace of life and Mediterranean climate makes Perth a very popular choice to people to live. Whilst there are a number of disadvantages associated with the city’s isolation, it counteracts this with a number of delightful trade offs.

Perth seasons
Warm and pleasant weather is one of the great drawcards to the city, and spring and autumn can offer many days of enjoyable sunshine. Summer time can become extremely warm, often with extended periods of temperatures in the high 30’s or even 40+ degrees. Fortunately, the Perth beaches offer refreshing relief, but make sure you take your beach umbrella or stay in the shade to avoid sunburn. Winters are often cold and wet, but no one seems to mind too much because Australia is a drought stricken country and water restrictions apply in many regions, including

Australian customs control in Perth
The customs control when entering Australia is very strict, regardless of which city or port you enter via when arriving from an another international location. It is important that you do not bring in any types of food or wood products, as they can introduce harmful and unwelcome visitors in the form of parasites and/or diseases. If you are bringing anything in that you are unsure about, you should declare it regardless. The authorities will check out what you have and if there is an issue, they will be able to explain to you what the options are. Failing to declare a banned item can incur severe penalties.


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About Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto Rico for US citizens
Moving to Puerto Rico is very popular, especially among US people. It uses the same currency (US dollars) and English is the second most popular language in Puerto Rico. The most spoken language there is Spanish, so there are also many Mexicans moving to Puerto Rico too!.

Puerto Rico is known for its good life and weather. Many people who look forward to escaping from the US for better climate, choose Puerto Rico instead of other countries such as Australia and Mexico. In comparison with these countries, it has a cheaper cost of living. Additionally, US citizens do not require a visa when going to Puerto Rico. They just need a valid passport. Work opportunities are open to US people in Puerto Rico, as they do not require a work permit.

Visa requirements
Going to Puerto Rico requires the same documents as going to the US. Due to the visa waiver program, residents of 36 countries (including most European countries, Brunei, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand) can visit Puerto Rico for a maximum of 90 days without requiring a visa, as long as their passport is valid for 6 months after the scheduled date of leaving the country. If the required term of stay is longer, then they need to apply for a visa.

For Canadians and Mexicans, a visa is not required. Citizens of countries that fall outside of the visa waiver program will need to obtain a visa. Any person wishing to work in Puerto Rico (except for US citizens) must apply for a “green card” (work permit).

Career opportunities in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is one of the most developed countries in Caribbean region. The US is the main trading partner of Puerto Rico. As in the USA, there is a minimum wage law applied to workers.

The most developed industries in Puerto Rico include manufacturing, construction, agriculture service and tourism. Puerto Rico is also renowned for its pharmaceutical industry. The most in demand jobs are in the following roles: pharmacy technicians, IT specialists, retail, surgical technologists, industrial production managers, engineering managers and tourism service workers.

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Moving to Perth, Australia
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