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Info about our Membership Plan

No Activation Costs

Activation of your account is FREE. Period.

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No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs. None.

You only pay for potential customers.

Any support or assistance you need is also 100% free.

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Unlimited potential customers

You will get every potential customers in the areas selected by you.

In some rare cases the volume in an area can be so huge that for those areas we have the option to provide daily caps to help you growing without sales issues in your team. Ask our support team if that region is available for capping.
For capping a surplus per potential customer will be added on the regular price for we can’t cap the involved paid traffic.
The surplus prices may vary per area. The support team can inform you about this.

You don’t have to pay twice for the same potential customers. Most will be already filtered out by our system but in rare cases some can slip through. Also potential customers without an active phone number AND working e-mail address can be claimed and will be deducted from your invoice.

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Business Promotion Page on Intlmovers.com

Accounts get a promotion page on Intlmovers.com to promote their business.
The support team will provide info how and what kind of information and material can be placed.
The marketing department of Intlmovers.com will assist by getting the most value out of those pages.

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A dedicated account manager

As user you will get a dedicated account manager that will help you growing and assist with your promotion pages and advice.

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Endorsed by Intlmovers.com promotion

This is only available for companies that have been active for at least 3 months in an account.
The minimum amount of potential customers needed per month to be entitled to the endorsement is 1000.

A company is entitled to use the Endorsed by Intlmovers.com logo on their site and for other purposes. Off course the company needs to be in good standing and service the potential customers of Intlmovers.com with respect and good and honest service.

Intlmovers.com offers the option to send to every potential customer of a company a special e-mail, directly after a request, information about this Pro plan company and their services and brand it as endorsed by Intlmovers.com.
This will help the closing rate increasing for Pro plan companies.

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