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Packing a house, moving a house. It involves a whole lot of work and co-ordination. If you are moving internationally then it can become an even more overwhelming task.

You will be busy doing a whole number of things at the same time, and one of your first priorities will be to arrange the packing and moving of all of your furniture and personal goods. Sometrimes moving around in your local area may be pretty easy with a couple of friends and a trailer however, an international move involves a little more effort.

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Using Intlmovers can help you quickly and easily compare services and prices from different movers and packers for your international move. By comparing offers, you can easily find the right international moving company to help you with your international move.

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Intlmovers statistics show that the most popular international destinations are Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia and Germany

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The movers and packers will provide you with information and advice on best practices for secure packing of your valuable items. International movers and packers are specialists in ensuring that your belongings are carefully looked after so that they are packed correctly. This helps to ensure that they are subject to as little stress as possible during transit.

Our experts will use the right packing materials and handle your belongings with care to ensure that the packing and moving of your goods goes smoothly.

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International movers

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"We had a new baby on the way and so my time was focused on other priorities. Finding movers and packers to help with our international relocation really helped my wife and I in so many ways. They were great!"
A. Westcott - Moved from Dublin to Melbourne

"I had a great opportunity to make a move with my company so I didn't have time to do everything myself. The company I chose from using your website was really A1. They made everything very easy for me and helped me move without any problems at all. I really appreciated their effort!"
S. Chester - Moved from Chicago to Hong Kong

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