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Moving to Wellington, New Zealand

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Moving to Wellington, New Zealand

You can easily avoid the stress and hassle of an international move to Wellington in New Zealand, when you use Intlmovers to obtain quotes and compare your options. Find international moving companies without the usual chasing around, and you can effortlessly obtain up to six international moving quotes from moving experts who specialize in moves to Wellington!

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An overseas move can be difficult at the best of times. You have a lot of things to arrange before, during and after your move, so it really makes sense to get the help of professionals who understand the customs rules and can help you with expediting your move with as little drama as possible. Let their knowledge of industry best practices help you move hassle free!

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Comparing quotes is a great way for getting the best value for any type of paid service or product. You can review your options and make a better informed decision about what you need and what is available, and match it to your budget. However, after receiving your free moving quotes via Intlmovers, be sure to compare not just the price, but the services that are included so that you are making a fair comparison.

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  1. The international movers have years of experience with moves to Wellington.
  2. You can avoid the stress by letting the movers manage the hard work.
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About moving to Wellington

New Zealand ranks consistently well as a popular destination for people from all over the world to immigrate to. For many, they may have visited on a short holiday and fell in love with the unique natural beauty, the attractive lifestyle or the relaxed nature of the people. Whatever the reason, the national capital of Wellington, which the second largest city in New Zealand (after Auckland), is a popular choice to being a new life with new employment opportunities, experience a change in lifestyle or even retire.

Wellington can be found on the southern end of the North Island by the Cook Straight, which is the body of water which divides New Zealand’s North Island and South Island. It has a population of around half a million people, and is considered to be the cultural capital of New Zealand. Wellington is the home of the national government, as well as being an important hub for the arts including music, dance, film and theatre.

Living in Wellington
The authorities in New Zealand encourage immigration and have a number of services dedicated to assisting individuals and families with their transition upon arrival. There is advice provided regarding visa information and requirements.

Cost of living in Wellington
The cost of living in New Zealand generally is considered to be very good when contrasted with average income levels. Whilst many may find that the annual salary ranges are less than what they may have been used to when coming from a number of European or North American countries, many find that the reduced cost of living makes up for this.

Being a major city, the cost of living in Wellington is relatively higher than a number of smaller cities across the country. Wellington is considered to be somewhat cheaper than Auckland, which is the most expensive city in the country (this is common for the largest cities of any country). In comparison, the average price of a home in Wellington is around $380,000 although in the central areas of the city the average price is closer to $450,000.

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Auckland is a popular international destination for people from Australia, United Kingdom and South Africa

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Experience in international shipping and transport counts for a lot. Logistics and moving is a complex process that companies spend many years to improve and enhance efficiency to provide you with a better and faster service. It also means that they take responsible care of your possessions, from collection to delivery. You can rely on the experience of international moving companies who promote their services on Intlmovers.

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Obtaining up to six free quotes with Intlmovers can be done by taking just a few minutes of your time to submit your request. Your moving needs are matched to the international moving company profiles and your details are forwarded to the right companies that match your request. They will respond to you directly with a quote so there is no messing around. All quotes are provided completely obligation free!

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