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Moving to Mexico

You have decided to move to Mexico, this exciting new part of your life you will need some information to help you carry through the move.

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Mexico facts

  • Has the largest population of Spanish speakers
  • Mexico’s currency is the Peso
  • Mexico City International Airport is the largest airport in Latin America
  • Temperature ranges from 24-28 Celsius in the Yucatan Peninsula while the larger cities have ranges from 16-18 Celsius throughout the year

Popular destinations for Mexico

Intlmovers statistics show that the most popular Mexican moving destinations are from the US, Australia, Germany, France and Spain

Specialists in international move to Mexico

International movers in Mexico are logistical specialists. Their main business goal is ensuring safe, cost effective and efficient movement of your goods to and from locations all across Mexico.

They take care of that your possessions are well looked after but also that take care that all the correct procedures are undertake to avoid any administrative or regulation delays.

Immigration to Mexico
The Mexican visas are generally divided into two categories – Non Immigrant Permits and Immigrant Permits.

Non Immigrant Permits are for those people who want to visit Mexico for a specific purpose and then leave again. As opposed to this the Immigrant Permits allow people to stay in Meixco for a longer period of time.

Non immigrant Permits are:

  • FMM – The Short-Term Non-Immigrant Visa
  • FM3 – The Long-Term Non-Immigrant Visa

Immigrant Permit is:

  • FM2 – The Immigrant Visa (has to be renewed each year, only valid for one year)

If you are planning to obtain a “immigrant” status or a citizenship for Mexico you need to hold your FM2 immigrant visa for a qualifying period. This period can be depending to your circumstances. Once you are in possession of a FM2 visa you can make an apply for the full Mexican residential status in the following qualifying period. As soon as the Mexican government accept your full residency status, you can make an apply for the Mexican citizenship.

Once your immigration status has been approved, you will receive a card that looks like a driver’s license, that allows you to pass all Mexican borders as a Mexican citizen.

There are several reasons why people may apply for a FM2 visa. You may qualify if you are one of the following:

  • Investors
  • Retirees
  • Professionals
  • Artists and sportsmen
  • Technical or scientific professionals

What you need for applying for a Visa in Mexico (Migratión):

  • A passport and 2 copies of all pages (including blank ones)
  • A copy of your current visa
  • A copy of your Escritura or Fedeicomiso
  • Proof of homeownership (if you have one)
  • A copy of a personal letter asking for a visa in Spanish
  • Current visa and a copy
  • Your Escritura or Fedeicomiso and a copy
  • Passport photos (2 profile, 2 frontal full face)
  • Proof of homeownership (if you have one)
  • Proof of income
  • A Form Solicitud De Trámita Migratio with a copy
  • FM1 form
  • Form Declaration General De Pago De Derecho and a copy
  • Birth and marriage certificate (may not be required)

For your car (Customs)

  • Registration and bill of sale
  • Your original documents translated in Spanish, you have to request the information about these in Oaxaca
  • The documents may be copies of your passport, entry visa and your new visa, Importación and Certificate of Title
  • You will also need a credit card and a insurance that is valid in Mexico or a valid Mexican insurance to bring your car across the border

Living costs in Mexico

The living costs in Mexico will depend significantly to your lifestyle. Grocery goods like food are notably cheaper in Mexico than in the US, Canada and Europe. When it comes to luxury goods such as electricity, cars, air conditioning and telephones, these costs can accelerate significantly.

Piped water is cheap, but you have to take care because sometimes it isn’t drinkable. Therefore many Mexican citizens purchase bottled water, commonly in 20 liter bottles. Compared to the USA, Canada and Europe the water is expensive.

Rental costs may also be higher than in equivalent US or European cities. This mostly occurs when a place is popular expat and tourist place or close to the US border. As a general rule, the rental costs close to the US border are quite high. In non-popular areas you will also find a lot of quality accommodations for less money.

Popular moves made to Mexico

Mexico is a popular destination for mainly people from the United States of America

Experiences of our moving companies

Irrelevant of where you are moving or shipping from or to in Mexico, our moving companies will support you in organizing your move. The moving companies on are specialists in international moves. Via Intlmovers, you will find a trusted and responsible moving company which will relocate your furniture and household goods in the best possible way.

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Via Intlmovers, you can easily request personal and business quotes from several moving and shipping companies. All you have to do is one click in order to contact up to 6 moving companies. They will send you their offer directly to your nominated email address (or call you). By comparing all of them, you will find the best value. For more information about the details and the further course of action for your move, you can contact your preferred moving company.

Moving from Mexico

For international moves from Mexico you can also use our local international movers site (Spanish).