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International Moving To London

Got plans for an International Moving To London? Intlmovers is one of the easiest ways to get moving quotations from several different international moving companies. Our free online quotations service will get you in touch with professional moving companies, so you can compare moving quotes and get the best price!

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Using Intlmovers is the simplest way to get quotations. When you submit a request for moving to (or from) London your moving information is immediately forwarded to up to six international moving companies who can service your needs. They will make contact with you directly in order to arrange a customized quote for your London move.

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Nothing saves time better than filling out only one request. You don’t have to phone around using the phone book or fill out a number of international move quotations separately. With several quotations upfront, you can compare services and make the right decision for choosing a moving company. The best part about using this service is that you can use Intlmovers without any obligation whatsoever. You only accept quotes that you are completely satisfied will meet your moving requirements!

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To quickly and easily compare international movers for global relocations:

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies!’
  2. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for your global relocation.

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Main reasons to Use Intlmovers

  1. Our movers are industry professionals with years of experience in moving to London.
  2. There is no need to worry our movers will handle all the paperwork.
  3. Conveniently compare international moving services in the comfort of your home.

About the UK

Now days it seems like everyone is on the move. Companies are relocating, people are moving abroad to be with loved ones or some eager individuals will take advantage of a good Education at a foreign school. Whatever your reason for moving to the UK you got a lot of planning to do to say the least. You got to arrange where to live, what to pack, and of course figure out what documents you will need to arrange for your stay. We have a few tips that will help out with several different aspects of moving to the UK. If you prepare yourself ahead of time you can avoid any unwanted difficulties and disappointments along the way.


Everyone wants to know what the weather conditions are going to be like in their new homeland. The weather in the UK is mild year around average temperatures in the spring and fall are around 55°F.The UK can also be considered cloudy or rainy most from autumn until late spring. Summers are warm with an average temperature around 21°C or 72°F or warmer. People in the UK love to talk about the weather because you never know from day to day what to expect. Talking about the weather is a good way to break the ice and start a conversation.

Transportation and traffic

Planning transportation after you move is another subject that makes ‘the to do list’ when moving abroad. If you’re living around the London area, there are several public transportation options at affordable prices. Train and underground subway are most commonly used. Due to major congestion of traffic and high gas prices, most people prefer to use public transportation to get around. The London underground train tunnels are the largest system of train tunnels anywhere in the world. Buying a zone ticket allows you to travel as much as you need to within a zone and will save you a lot on transport cost.

Living in the UK

The United Kingdom is a great place to live and has a variety of living conditions depending on what you have in mind. For those that love the nightlife London is a great option. The clubs, pubs, entertainment and shopping is endless. However if the simple country life is more your style then the English country side around Cotswold, Dorset or Suffolk might seem reasonable. This area is covered in rolling green hills, green pastures and small forest. Many of the towns are small and look like a village dating back to medieval times. The United Kingdom is a modern world sitting on top of centuries of history and preserved buildings, castles and towns from the past. It’s mix of old and new is what gives the UK its lure and continues to draw people in from all over the world. Finding the right place is now up to you.

Tips for Living in the United Kingdom

  • You need a NIN card –The NIN is your National Insurance Number this is the equivalent to a social security card, it is needed for tax purposes if you plan to work or use social services.
  • Be prepared when opening a UK bank account – Sometimes getting a bank account in the UK can be a hassle. You need a great deal of documentation in order to open an account. You need your identification, residence visa, and a copy of a current utility bill for address verification. A signed letter of employment may also be required as well as a birth certificate.
  • Power Plug and current differences – The electricity in the UK is 240v which is twice the power as the United States or other countries. Power plugs are different in the UK, many power plugs will not fit in the power socket. Computers are an exception because of built in power adaptors, but for other electronics you might want to leave them behind.

Visa requirements for your move to London

Generally British visa types can be divided into five groups. The government site has all the updates and latest changes in the immigration policy. For people moving to be with a spouse or partner or family member visa processing may be a shorter wait if you meet the newly changed qualifications. It is good to note that you will first need to obtain a residence permit before you can work. You cannot work in the UK without a residence permit and NIN a national insurance number.

International Moving To London
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