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Moving from USA to Ukraine

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About Moving from USA to Ukraine

Like any international move, Moving from USA to Ukraine requires a little preparation. A move to a new location can be a daunting experience. So it’s always useful to have a little information about your destination upfront.

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  1. The movers have years of experience with Moving from USA to Ukraine.
  2. You can avoid the stress by letting the movers manage the hard work.
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Moving from USA to Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country sitting above the black sea bordering Russia in the East and Poland in the North. The warmer waters from the Black Sea give the Southern part of Ukraine its warmer temperatures and fertile plains. The economy in Ukraine is largely agricultural and Industrial. Its land is mostly plateaus and plains with two small mountain ranges.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and is one of the most picturesque Eastern European cities to see. Its architecture is a mix of classic early European and Asian in that many of its early public buildings and churches resemble the round domes similar to structures seen in Russia or Asia. Kiev is considered a very Romantic city to visit it sits on the Dnieper River that spans across Ukraine and deposits into the Black Sea.

Language in Ukraine

Ukrainian is the national language spoken in Ukraine and Russian is the second largest language spoken and the primary language in the East of Ukraine. English is taught in schools and is quite popular but it can be difficult to communicate with residents in smaller villages or towns. Most cities and towns are smaller compared to Western Europe and not very crowded.

Reasons for moving from USA to Ukraine

  1. Property is a good value – The recent economic crises since 2009 have caused housing prices to fall as low as 20% to 50% making it a buyer’s market.
  2. Skiing is accessible – Carpathian Mountains offer several ski locations whether you ski or snowboard!
  3. Wine taste – Tour Yalta and experience the wines of Ukraine, this was also the popular holiday destination for the former tsars of Russia.
  4. Local culture and shopping – You can find a lot of good buys and hand embroidered textiles, fine art and antiques. Shopping in the Ukraine is open Monday through Fridays most shops are closed on weekends.
  5. Nightlife is great – There are an abundant amount of chic modern night clubs and bars in larger cities including Kiev which are popular destinations for Western Europeans.

Estimated Cost of Living in Ukraine

Living in the Ukraine is recently very affordable. The economic crisis since 2009 has caused a major crash in the housing market. It literally is a great opportunity for buyers and particularly for the high end properties or business offices. Foreigners are allowed to purchase property in Ukraine and you do not have to pay property tax.

If you purchase an apartment, you will not have to pay a capital gains tax. It’s also good to note that getting financed in the Ukraine is difficult and the interest rates are high. If you are able to get financed by a European bank you are better off. Look for a lawyer before purchasing property and use a 3 party translation company to translate your legal papers; you cannot unfortunately trust the seller or mediator.

Utilities are reasonable, water, garbage, Gas and electric for a 85 sq. m apartment is about $65 a month. Clothing is very expensive specially if you like major brands or designer labels. Food is reasonable and many major European brands are now available in Ukrainian markets. Salaries are lower in Ukraine here is an average idea on salaries and housing expenses.

Average monthly salary

  • Administrative work – $300
  • Section Manager – $630 – $800
  • Purchasing Manager – $850
  • Executive Manager – $900 – $1400

Average rental prices

  • Cottage Town Houses in the suburbs of Kiev, security and close access to Lake 252 sq. meters $430 mo.
  • Kiev city area Two bedroom apartment close to shopping and subway- $ 550.
  • Sunny and large one bedroom apartment in the heart of Kiev $1150

Average house price

  • One bedroom apartment for sale in downtown Kiev near the river, subway and shopping $89,000
  • E. Kharkiv Luxury semi Victorian Style 6 bedroom House 500 sq. m with very large garden $300,000
  • 3 bedroom Brick House on the coast of Sea of Azov 6500 sq m garden with orchard $40,000 or £36,242

Visas for your moving from USA to Ukraine

American citizens may enter the Ukraine for up to 90 days without a visa. However almost everyone needs to apply for a visa before entering the Ukraine. Getting a longer term residence visa to the Ukraine is not very difficult. You need to first apply for entry in to the Ukraine from your local Ukrainian Embassy.

You may not apply after you arrive. Once your visa is approved from your local embassy, you will be allowed to enter the Ukraine and within three days you must re-apply for a residence visa. Take along a passport photo, valid ID, passport and proof of current address.

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The international movers partnering with Intlmovers are all highly reputable professionals. They are industry specialists from the world of shipping and logistics. Their experienced skills have a proven customer service record in the industry. They have expertise in both personal and business shipping. Enjoy a stress free move, and relax knowing that your shipment is being well managed throughout your international move. Take advantage of the extensive levels of international moving company professional experience. Enjoy Moving from USA to Ukraine!

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Receive up to six international moving quotes with one single request on Intlmovers. Make your decision making process so much easier! Even though you can receive up to six quote responses, remember that you are under no obligation to accept any of them. Take your time, and evaluate the responses that you have. Compare services, compare costs, and make sure that you are happy with the information that has been provided to you. Make your selection from there for your Moving from USA to Ukraine. When you use Intlmovers to compare quotes, it’s both cost free and obligation free!


Moving from USA to Ukraine
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