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Moving from USA to UAE

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About Moving from USA to UAE

Like any international move, Moving from USA to UAE requires a little preparation. A move to a new location can be a daunting experience. So it’s always useful to have a little information about your destination upfront.

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Intlmovers is a great way of finding international moving companies that can help you with your international Moving from USA to UAE. Using Intlmovers is one of the most convenient methods of finding the best mover to meet your needs. You can save both time and money. Intlmovers allows you to compare quotes quickly and easily from up to six international moving companies at once!

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Why you should use Intlmovers for your Moving from USA to UAE

  1. The movers have years of experience with Moving from USA to UAE.
  2. You can avoid the stress by letting the movers manage the hard work.
  3. They have contacts in UAE which can make your removal cheaper.

Moving from USA to UAE

The UAE is a newly developed group of 7 Arab countries that United in 1971 after the discovery of major oil fields around the Persian Gulf. Today the region has been transformed into growing modern economy with newly developed modern cites and large business centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These two cities are currently the richest cities in the world and the recent wealth and development taking place has created economic opportunities attracting skilled employment from all over the world. In fact 80% of all the residents living in the UAE are non citizens.

The UAE opened its doors to the world with recently developed world class tourist attractions offering 5 star hotels and restaurants, hosting world sporting events such as the PGA tour and Grand Prix racing. You can expect to see elegant shopping malls filled with designer labels or just about anything you could imagine in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The world’s largest man made ‘Palm Island’ was created off of the cost of the UAE in the Persian Gulf in 2006 as a real estate development project offering a unique homes fitted with private boat docks and magnificent views of the Gulf. These communities are planned so that schools and shopping and many other comforts are generally within walking distance so no un-necessary driving around is needed. This shinning new oasis is an attractive new experience for anyone looking for something new.

Things to know when you are Moving from USA to UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country which means laws and practices are in accordance of Muslim religious practices and must be respected.
  • Drinking alcohol is only allowed in establishments that hold an alcohol license. Intoxication is not permitted outside of these locations.
  • The United Arab Emirates is a very conservative country, dress codes must be respected.
  • Photography is not always openly permitted, you could get fined.

Cost of Living in the UAE

The cost of living in the UAE is high and considered number 50 out of 300 out the world’s most expensive places to live. The highest expense is mainly for housing. The recent expat migration to the UAE has made the rental and housing market boom since 2008 causing prices to rise and less availability.

Food prices and gasoline are low to moderate but expect to pay more for communications services and healthcare. If you are going to live in UAE get a good understanding of your housing cost and expenses before you negotiate your salary and contract. There are a lot of hidden costs most people do not expect when they take a job offer. Knowing these costs can give you the edge on your career decision and make your international moving experience rewardable.

Apartment rentals in Dubai

  • Average pricing- 1 bedroom apartment in high-rise bld. $2,994 per mo.
  • Average pricing- 2 bedroom apartment downtown $32,600 per year.

Apartment rentals in Abu Dhabi

  • Lower pricing- One Bedroom apartment 807 sq ft. $19,000 per year.
  • Average Price- Two Bedroom apartment $32,600 per year.

Visa requirements for the UAE

If you are planning to visit or work in the UAE you need to get a visa first. For travelers this can be done by your travel agent or hotel you are staying at in the UAE. After you book your accommodations the hotel will arrange your visa before you travel. There are separate visas for short term work with a maximum of 60 days. After that you need to re-apply for a work-resident visa for a longer term stay. Visa are restricted on a nationality basis meaning people coming from some countries may have an easier time on securing a visa whilst others are not permitted to enter the United Arab Emirates.

Processing times are generally quick but check with the United Emirates Embassy for details. If you are going to the UAE for work, employers can arrange your visa. It is good to keep in mind that you will get penalized and have to pay a fine for every day after the expiration of your visa so keep it up to date and do not arrive in the UAE without a visa.

Visa requirements for the UAE vary from nationality to nationality to find out more go to: emirates.com for further visa information.

Experience of our international movers

The international movers partnering with Intlmovers are all highly reputable professionals. They are industry specialists from the world of shipping and logistics. Their experienced skills have a proven customer service record in the industry. They have expertise in both personal and business shipping. Enjoy a stress free move, and relax knowing that your shipment is being well managed throughout your international move. Take advantage of the extensive levels of international moving company professional experience. Enjoy Moving from USA to UAE!

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Receive up to six international moving quotes with one single request on Intlmovers. Make your decision making process so much easier! Even though you can receive up to six quote responses, remember that you are under no obligation to accept any of them. Take your time, and evaluate the responses that you have. Compare services, compare costs, and make sure that you are happy with the information that has been provided to you. Make your selection from there for your Moving from USA to UAE. When you use Intlmovers to compare quotes, it’s both cost free and obligation free!


Moving from USA to UAE
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