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Moving from USA to Thailand

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About Moving from USA to Thailand

Like any international move, Moving from USA to Thailand requires a little preparation. A move to a new location can be a daunting experience. So it’s always useful to have a little information about your destination upfront.

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Moving from USA to Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand formerly known as Siam, sits in South East Asia and holds a population of around 64 million people. The country is a constitutional Monarchy and has traditionally always been a monarchy throughout the country’s history. Thailand was the only country in South East Asia that was not colonized by the West. As the west did not have any influence on Siam’s history, both religion and culture have changed very little today.

Thai people are really hospitable and generous, but also tend to follow a strong social hierarchy. Seniority is an respected concept in Thai culture. Older family members have traditionally ruled in family decisions or ceremonies. Everyone has his job and older siblings have duties to younger ones. Roughly 90% of Thailand practice Buddhism. Whilst in Thailand, you can enjoy exploring hundreds of ancient Buddhist temples throughout the country.

Most people visit Thailand for its natural beauty and famous tropical beaches and never want to leave. Thailand offers so many attractions. including world class diving , white sandy beaches, hundreds of scattered tropical islands, Lively night-life, archaeological sites to explore, museums, visit hill tribes, tropical flora and colorful bird life, Royal palaces, a huge amounts of Buddhist temples and several World Heritage sites. So if you think this sounds like the right place to move, then read on we have a few tips for you for international moves to Thailand.

Most of Thailand has a tropical wet and dry or savanna climate, while the South and Eastern tip have a tropical monsoon climate. Temperatures range from an average 38°C (100°F) to lows of 19°C (66°F). In the dry season, May temperatures can climb above 40°C (103°F). November and December mark the beginning of dry season and there can be frost on the ground.

Cost of Living in Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand is pretty cheap in comparison to many developed countries. Thailand uses the Baht as its main currency. To get an idea on the currency exchange, one US dollar is equal to around 31 Baht and €1 is equal to around 39 Baht. The currency exchange does change day to day so keep an eye on the exchange rate from time to time. Many expats in Thailand boast that it is not hard to live on $500 USD a month and live quite well. But don’t take my word for grated, if you search stories from expats across the web, you will gain knowledge and insight on just how affordable this tropical paradise can be. Below is an example of average monthly expenses for a two bedroom home.

  • Monthly rent – 3500 Baht $117.65
  • Water and electricity 765 Baht – $25.70
  • Internet 300 Baht – $10.10

Living in Bangkok will cost you a lot more. A nice condo or house can cost close to around 80,000 Baht or more. Your outgoing costs are usually reduced by living outside of the larger cities.

Visa Information for Moving from USA to Thailand

To get a temporary visa you need to apply at your local Thai Embassy nearest you before your departure to Thailand. You need to apply for most Visa types before you leave your home country. If you are moving long term, there is unfortunately very little chance of getting a permanent residence Visa. Only 100 permanent visas are given out to each nationality per year. The visa process requires you to renew your visa regularly. Once you receive your first visa and then enter Thailand it is possible to re- apply for a visa extension within Thailand. Generally, you will need to do this annually and as long as you meet the requirements is not a problem at all.

Do not make the mistake of allowing your visa to expire because the Thai government does perform random spot checks on visa applicants and the penalty for an expired visa can mean jail time and or exportation without return. This does sometimes happen so don’t take any chances.

Tourist Visa
All visitors to Thailand must apply for a tourist visa. This visa is for tourist purposes, and you are not allowed to work or conduct business. You can stay for up to 60 days and may ask for a 30 day extension. To apply for a tourist visa it is advised to do this at the Thai Embassy or website near your residence. You can also apply for a 30 day visa upon arrival in the airport.

Retirement Or Marriage Visa
The Thai government has a welcoming retirement visa for those over 50 years of age that can show proof of retirement income and make an 800,000 Baht deposit in a Bank ($25,000 USD). The other option is marriage to a Thai national and proof of retirement income. You can also apply for a marriage visa by marriage to a Thai national.

Business Visa
You can do business in Thailand only if you are employed or sponsored by a Thai business. You can stay up to 90 days.

Study Visa
You can apply for a study visa up to 90 days.

Jobs In Thailand

Getting a job in Thailand can be tough business. There are many laws that limit foreigners from working normal jobs in Thailand. If you are an accountant, lawyer, engineer or do any similar kind of work, you are unlikely to get a job I’m sorry to say. Working visas are not given for ‘regular’ occupations. However there are a few jobs in Thailand that can be done if you plan ahead.

Teaching English is possible and many expats in Thailand teach English, but you need to have your teaching credentials and a university degree. The pay is not very high but it is definitely enough to satisfy normal living conditions. If you are lucky enough to be moving for work in Thailand then you will have a comfortable time and be able to save a little money if you are paid in your home country’s currency. Most likely your work contract will take care of everything for you and you family.

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The international movers partnering with Intlmovers are all highly reputable professionals. They are industry specialists from the world of shipping and logistics. Their experienced skills have a proven customer service record in the industry. They have expertise in both personal and business shipping. Enjoy a stress free move, and relax knowing that your shipment is being well managed throughout your international move. Take advantage of the extensive levels of international moving company professional experience. Enjoy Moving from USA to Thailand!

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Receive up to six international moving quotes with one single request on Intlmovers. Make your decision making process so much easier! Even though you can receive up to six quote responses, remember that you are under no obligation to accept any of them. Take your time, and evaluate the responses that you have. Compare services, compare costs, and make sure that you are happy with the information that has been provided to you. Make your selection from there for your Moving from USA to Thailand. When you use Intlmovers to compare quotes, it’s both cost free and obligation free!


Moving from USA to Thailand
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