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Moving from Texas to Canada

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Moving from Texas to Canada

It can be really worthwhile to do a little investigation in regards to your international moving company selection before making a decision. Fortunately, Intlmovers makes that task very easy for you. You can obtain up to six obligation free quotes from international movers who are specialists in Moving from Texas to Canada.

International moving quotes

By comparing quotes, you can see at a glance what different services are on offer and make a better choice for getting the most out of your moving budget. International moves are generally not something that you undertake on a regular basis, so it really makes sense to invest a little time in to the planning and organization. You can let professional moving companies manage much of the hard work so that you can focus your energy on other important tasks.

International moves to Canada

All you have to do to submit a request is use the simple drop down menu below and select where you are moving from and to. After clicking on the button to proceed to the following screen, you will be presented with a list of international movers whose profile matches your moving criteria. You don’t have to chase around because they will respond directly to you with their quote information, after you have completed the simple request form.

How to use Intlmovers

To quickly and easily compare international movers for global relocations:

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies!’
  2. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for your global relocation.

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Using Intlmovers for your international move from Texas to Canada

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Canada
  2. Avoid the stress, the movers do all the hard work
  3. They have contacts in Canada which can make your move cheaper

About moving from Texas to Canada

Visa requirements when moving to Canada

US citizens do not require a visa for visits for up to 90 days. You wish to apply for a visa for a stay longer than the usual tourist visa limit? The following visa categories are available for living and working in Canada:

  • Skilled workers
  • Canadian experience class
  • Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people,
  • Quebec selected skilled workers
  • Provincial nominees
  • Sponsoring your family

Employment in Canada
Canada has not only one of the largest economies in the world, it’s also reputed to have one of the best standards of living in the world. Canadian cities appear regularly at the top of the global listing. International trade is a large part of the Canadian economy. They have a huge investment and natural wealth of resources. Their major industries are agriculture, energy, forestry and mining – making up nearly two thirds of their total exports. The largest employer in Canada is the retail sector, with finance, banking and real estate making a large contribution also.

Cost of living in Canada
The cost of living in Canada is considered high, but reasonable, in relation to the average annual income and overall standard of living. With Canada covering such an extensive area, the cost of living varies across provinces and territories. As well as within the major cities. The cost of living in Canada is considered highest in Ontario, Alberta and Vancouver. Car insurance is considered to be very expensive in Canada.

Most people who live in the USA request moving quotes from Texas, Illinois and New Jersey

International moving quotes

Intlmovers has partnered in helping people find the right international moving company quote since 2003. Intlmovers sends thousands of international removal quotes per day.

Below are some examples of quotation requests submitted for international moves:

Moving from Texas to Canada
(Quotation date: 04/029/2012 12:36:05)
Family sized home with four bedrooms, including a study. We also need to move a large doghouse.

Moving from Texas to Canada
(Quotation date: 05/13/2017 20:35:27)
We have packing boxes ourselves and would like to store a number of items as well as moving the major furniture items, which include sofa, beds (x3), dining set (6 chairs), washing machine and a fridge/freezer, along with a number of large and medium boxes (around 25 in total)

Moving from Texas to Canada
(Quotation date: 05/16/2017 22:51:44)
12 large boxes
5 wine boxes (with books, not wine!)
10 small boxes
double bed
2 x bikes
antique cabinet

Tips for moving from Texas to Canada

Tip 1: H. Rogers moved from Texas to Canada one year ago
Stop comparing things from home because it just annoys everyone and let’s face it, it’s not home which is kind of why we moved here.

Tip 2: P. Worth moved from Texas to Canada nine months ago
It was really useful to start making as many enquiries remotely before we made our move. We were able to co-ordinate a number of appointments for house viewing and schools and that type of thing.

Tip 3: I. McIntosh moved from Texas to Canada six months ago
We moved during winter so our first activity was to invest in a better and more appropriate wardrobe! We also arranged a new heating system for our home as soon as possible, that was more effective and energy efficient as well.

Tip 4: J. Travers moved from Texas to Canada four months ago
There was a big challenge with our kids as they really weren’t happy about the move initially. But we’re really glad that we gave them plenty of notice, were completely honest and gave them lots of opportunity to get used the idea and start making new contacts when we arrived.

Tip 5: R. Murphy moved from Texas to Canada eight weeks ago
It was great to get involved in a local club to extend some social contact. For me it was not such a big deal because I already had my job lined up, but for my wife it was a little more of a settling in process.

Tips for obtaining your visa for your move to Canada

Tip 1: E. Loveday moved from Texas to Canada one year ago
With particular skills that are in demand, it can be really easy to obtain your visa for your move to Canada. Call the Canadian Immigration department because I found them to be really helpful with the questions that I had, and I was able to better understand the rules instead of trying to figure it out for myself with all of the sites that I tried researching.

Tip 2: P. Hird moved from Texas to Canada ten months ago
I arrived for an initial holiday period of six months so I didn’t need to worry about obtaining a visa, but then I just loved it so much that I started looking for options to work. With the help of my prospective employer I was able to make all the right arrangements for my right to stay.

Tip 3: D. Cousin moved from Texas to Canada six months ago
I simply went to an agent and had them help me with all the paperwork to make sure that I didn’t mess anything up along the way. It didn’t cost very much and everything went really easily.

Tip 4: T. Wallington moved from Texas to Canada four months ago
I decided to get professional assistance to jump through the hoops and get things expedited quickly. It cost a little extra but it saved me a lot of time and I feel confident that everything was processed correctly.

Tip 5: M. Bird moved from Texas to Canada six weeks ago
As I’m about to marry a Canadian, it was much easier for me to arrange my visa. Having said that, it took me a long time to find the love of my life, so this is probably not the most ideal option when you are looking to move to Canada for work!

No cost, no obligation

When you request quotes with Intlmovers there are a number of benefits to you. It’s quick to submit a request, and it’s completely cost free. The request that you submit is also completely obligation free. Should you not be happy with any of the quotes that you receive, you are not obligated to accept any of them. Only accept a quote if you are completely satisfied that it meets your needs. Using Intlmovers is completely risk free, because it is obligation free!

Moving from Texas to Canada
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