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Moving from Texas to Australia

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Moving from Texas to Australia

You can really make the best choice when you use Intlmovers to help you find international moving companies who are experts with Moving from Texas to Australia. The good news is that you don’t have to do much and you don’t have to pay anything to get the information you want, directly! It is so easy to use, and it will save you both time and money!

International moving quotes

Using Intlmovers is a very straight forward process. You simply select where you are moving from and to, complete a short request form and that’s it Your details are forwarded straight away to up to six international moving companies whose profile matches your international moving criteria. The moving companies will respond directly to you so there is no messing around. Just customized quotes to help you with your move from Texas to Australia.

International moves to Australia

Texas is a big state, and Australia is a big country. Making an international move is no minor feat. You want to make sure that you as well prepared as possible and that you can avoid as much stress as possible, for both yourself and for your family. Leaving it to the professionals can be a prudent decision. You can focus your energy on other priorities and get your move completed swiftly and efficiently. With a minimum of fuss!

How to use Intlmovers

To quickly and easily compare international movers for global relocations:

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies!’
  2. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for your global relocation.

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Using Intlmovers.com for your international move from Texas to Australia

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Australia
  2. Avoid the stress, the movers do all the hard work
  3. They have contacts in Australia which can make your move cheaper

About moving from Texas to Australia

Visa requirements when moving to Australia

Australia has very strict requirements for obtaining a visa for temporary stays in the country for working or studying. As of 1st July 2012, it’s making some changes to its immigration approval process for skilled workers. Some important points about the new Skill Select program include:

  • People applying for a Skilled Migrant visa will first have to register their claims for skilled migration through an online EOI.
  • Before lodging their EOI an applicant must first have achieved the minimum 65 points on the Points Test. As well as having their skills assessed and successfully passing the necessary English test.
  • A pass mark does not guarantee that an applicant will be invited to apply for a visa, as the Australian Immigration department ultimately makes the final decision.
  • Invitation must be received within two years or the EOI shall expire.
  • An applicant can update their EOI during the two year period and/or can renew the EOI after two years.
  • Quotas will also be introduced for occupations and once the caps are reached, applications for that particular occupation will be closed off until the following year.

Employment in Australia
The major employment industries in Australia include government, health and education. Schools, universities, hospitals and other medical facilities are split in to public and private and offer different options to job seekers. Mining and resources are large industries, with retail and other service related industries making up the bulk of the workforce.

Cost of living in Australia
The cost of living in Australia varies from state to state, and also the city or town in which you live within each state. As a general rule, housing and rental costs in the major capital cities are higher than more remote areas. It dependents upon size, age and demand.

In comparison to many other countries, the cost of living in Australia is considered relatively high but the average annual salary is also considered higher than many other countries. Transport costs are generally high which contribute considerably towards higher costs for many goods. The cost of living in general and your income are naturally dependent upon your preferred lifestyle and industry you work in.

Most people who live in the USA request moving quotes from Texas, Illinois and New Jersey

International moving quotes

Intlmovers has partnered in helping people find the right international moving company quote since 2003. Intlmovers sends thousands of international moving quotes per day for people that are moving from anywhere within the USA to anywhere in the world!

Below are some examples of quotation requests submitted for international moves:

Moving from Texas to Australia
(Quotation date: 04/27/2017 06:47:00)
Master bedroom setting, kitchenware including settings, 4 x framed pictures, 5 x boxes books, other assorted boxes with additional personal items.

Moving from Texas to Australia
(Quotation date: 05/31/2017 15:18:00)
Three bedroom house contents, including three beds (one double, two singles), lounge setting, kitchenware, dining setting with four chairs, assorted boxes with linen, books, etc.

Moving from Texas to Australia
(Quotation date: 05/18/2017 19:18:36)
10 large boxes
15 medium boxes
15 small boxes (books)

Tips for moving from Texas to Australia

Tip 1: W. Leroy moved from Texas to Australia one year ago
I became used to the outdoor lifestyle here very quickly, and I ended up changing my car within the first few months to one that I could easily spend weekends camping and hiking with.

Tip 2: S. Rainmaker moved from Texas to Australia nine months ago
I was lucky enough to have some friends here in Sydney that gave me the opportunity to take my time in finding the right accommodation for me. I didn’t want to rush in to something and sign up for 12 months without having a better idea of my options first.

Tip 3: G. Holly moved from Texas to Australia six months ago
I made the decision to leave a lot of goods behind and just brought some personal items with me initially. I have the rest of my goods packed and ready to send for when I am ready but I wanted to test the waters first so to speak. This has turned out to be a really good back up plan.

Tip 4: C. Mulligan moved from Texas to Australia four months ago
I moved to Perth with a work transfer and whilst I’ve found everyone to be really welcoming, it does take some time to build up your friendships. You definitely take for granted the relationships you have built up over the years at home, and when you relocate internationally, they don’t just automatically transfer across.

Tip 5: L. Shaw moved from Texas to Australia eight weeks ago
I attended my first AFL (Australian Rules Football) game a couple of weeks ago and can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was an energetic game with an ever changing score that kept the crowd on their toes. I think that the meat pie eating tradition is more of an acquired taste though!

Tips for obtaining your visa for your move to Australia

Tip 1: H. Hogan moved from Texas to Australia one year ago
I was lucky that my work sponsorship helped me get things organized without some of the hassles that you hear about from other people. Getting professional help is a good idea if possible.

Tip 2: E. Jones moved from Texas to Australia ten months ago
I married an Australian whom I met through work whilst he was working for us in Texas, so that made a huge difference to our whole immigration process, but I’ve heard from other friends here that it can be a difficult process so just be patient.

Tip 3: W. Blackford moved from Texas to Australia six months ago
I found a great online service that helped me get prepared for everything. It cost me a little extra but I’m glad that I spent the money and was able to get everything processed correctly and without delays.

Tip 4: S. Ferguson moved from Texas to Australia four months ago
Don’t book any flights until you have your visa confirmed. You can’t assume anything will be processed within a specific timeframe, and flight bookings are a lot easier to arrange than a visa approval.

Tip 5: D. Coxley moved from Texas to Australia six weeks ago
Remain vigilant and above all, hang in there! Make sure that you have all the correct documents ready and available. It will help ensure that you don’t get stuck anywhere in the system.

No cost, no obligation

All requests that are made via Intlmovers are completely obligation free. No matter how many quotation responses you receive you should only accept one if it meets your expectations. Submitting your request with Intlmovers can be done completely risk free! It costs you nothing, it is quick and easy to use, and there is no obligation. So why wouldn’t you use it?

Moving from Texas to Australia
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