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Moving from New York to Paris

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Moving from New York to Paris

You can save money on international moving costs when moving from New York to Paris. Using the free services of Intlmovers. You can quickly and easily request up to six quotes from international moving companies who specialize in moves to Paris.

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By recruiting an international moving company to help you with your move, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. Arranging an international move is a big task and you have plenty of things that you are busy planning. The quotes that you request on Intlmovers don’t cost you anything. And they are also obligation free. You should only accept a quote if it meets your needs.

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The international moving companies that promote their services on Intlmovers can offer you both peace of mind as well as quality of service. You are entrusting your valuable goods with a company. So you want to be confident that they will arrive on time, and in the same condition. Trust in the years of expert international shipping and moving experience of the movers on Intlmovers.com.

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About Moving from New York to Paris

International moving companies are specialists in moves from New York to Paris. They help people relocate to the French capital on a daily basis.

Situated on the River Seine, Paris is the capital and largest city of France. The central city area of Paris is broken down in to 20 arrondissements that form a clockwise spiral from the center of the city. The central city area covers close to 106 square kilometres. It has a population of nearly2.5 million people. Although the total metropolitan area of Paris has a population of more than 12 million people.

Paris is the most visited city in the world that has nearly 4000 historical monuments and is home to four world heritage sites.

Visa requirements when moving to Paris

US passport holders will require a visa if moving to Paris for a period of more than three months. Being able to live and work in France depends on your citizenship. It´s broken down in to three main areas as noted below:

All European Union citizens and EEA citizens plus their family members are allowed to live and work in France without the need of a work or residence permit. It should be noted that family members (partner/spouse and dependents/children) of an EU citizen are entitled to the same rights as the EU citizen. They need to apply for a residence permit within the first two months of arrival.

New EU Accession countries: New member states of the EU (including Bulgaria and Rumania) are able to live in France but they do have limits on the areas where they can be employed. This rule is applicable for seven years from the date of their country’s accession to the EU.

Non-European Union citizens: The Carte de Séjour (or the Titre de Séjour) is the residence permit non-EU citizens who wish to stay in France for more than three months.

If you are not an European Union national but you are planning to be in France longer than three months, you must apply for a visa long séjour visiteur: long stay visa valid for a holiday , employment , study , or private and family life if moving in with an EU family member. A non-EU national may only apply for temporary residency or a residence permit in France if they have already been granted a long stay visa.

Visas can only be applied for at the French Embassy of the non-EU person’s home country before departure.

There are four types of residence cards available to non-EU Citizens:

Check out diplomatie.gouv.fr/en for more information on visas.

As with any international travel, rules and regulations are being regularly reviewed and changed. You should always check with your local embassy to ensure the correct understanding of the applicable rules for your personal situation for your move to France.

Employment in Paris

Being a central hub for business and finance, as well as one of the tourist capitals of the world. The employment opportunities in Paris are higher than many other areas. However, the current economic situation has affected many countries dramatically. Major opportunities in Paris include education, medicine, travel and tourism.

Cost of living in Paris

The cost of living in Paris is considered high compared to most other major cities. Across the 13 Basket Groups used to calculate the overall cost of living, Paris ranks high in most categories. These include accommodation, clothing, communication, groceries and healthcare.

Rental prices in Paris are high and the size of apartments is likely to be smaller than what you are used to. Certainly, the price you pay will be dependent upon where you choose to live and the size of the dwelling. For living and working in Paris, most people recommend making use of the public transport system, which is an extremely efficient way of getting around.

International moving quotes

Intlmovers has partnered in helping people find the right international moving company quote since 2003. Intlmovers sends thousands of international removal quotes per day for people that are moving from the USA to anywhere in the world! Below are some examples of quotation requests submitted for international moves:

Moving from New York to Paris
(Quotation date: 03/28/2012 23:59:00)
“Patio table 4 chairs, 2 bedside tables, a 3 drawer chest, 1 small bookshelf, rough estimate 10 boxes of books, toys, clothes, kitchenware and other household and personal items”.

Moving from New York to Paris
(Quotation date: 04/02/2012 19:43:38)
“Estimate 8 cubic metres, mostly boxes, flat packed bookcases, matress, large picture frames and 2 bicycles, 1 king size bed, 3 cupboards.”

Moving from New York to Paris
(Quotation date: 04/17/2012 00:51:24)
“2 X 2 seater lounge, plus one seater, bedrom drawers, some garage tools, desk (comes apart to 3 pieces), buffet, clothes and books”

Tips for moving from New York to Paris

Tip 1: M. Lightfoot moved from New York to London one year ago
Learn the language! I’ve transferred to a number of countries over the course of my career and always made an effort to at least learn a few basic conversational things. It is simply courteous to speak some French when you are living in France.

Tip 2: G. Frank moved from New York to Paris nine months ago
It is worthwhile taking some time to get to know your area and being able to make the best use of the local services. I really took advantage of advice I received from new colleagues to help me get settled in and better understand how things worked.

Tip 3: A. Halliwell moved from New York to Paris six months ago
Before I moved I had all my friends come around for a big tidy up. It really made the final packing so much easier and I was glad that I was able to put some of my old stuff to good use with them.

Tip 4: B. Lippen moved from New York to Paris four months ago
I invested some time doing some research from home before I moved, so I already knew which areas I wanted to look in for renting a new apartment. Having made contact prior really helped me upon arrival.

Tip 5: A. Horndonk moved from New York to Paris eight weeks ago
The moving companies provided me with some excellent advice and assistance. International moves are a little different to local moves so I am glad I made full use of their services!

Tips for obtaining your visa for your move to Paris

Tip 1: S. Howard moved from New York to Paris one year ago
Contact your local embassy to ensure that you have the right information, rather than wasting time talking to friends who usually don’t know what they are talking about.

Tip 2: N. Peterson moved from New York to Paris ten months ago
Get yourself organised early and do as much research as you can prior to your moving plans.

Tip 3: T. Connolly moved from New York to Paris six months ago
I was lucky that I was able to make use of our corporate advisers for my transfer so that really helped me avoid a lot of unnecessary confusion.

Tip 4: E. Droger moved from New York to Paris four months ago
I used some expat sites to hear from others about how their experiences were in arranging the correct paperwork for their move to Paris. I found it really useful to have been told about other experiences first hand.

Tip 5: P. Cox moved from New York to Paris six weeks ago
Fortunately, I have dual citizenship that meant that my EU status made it very easy for me. I heard stories from others, and they had to arrange everything with the French embassy in the States beforehand.

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Comparing quotes is a one of the best ways to check that you are receiving the best value for your budget. When you use the free quotation comparison service offered by Intlmovers, you not only compare free quotes easily but you under absolutely no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive. The only investment you make is a few minutes of your time submitting your quote requirements. Requesting quotes doesn’t cost, it saves!

Moving from New York to Paris
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