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Moving from Connecticut to Australia

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Moving from Connecticut to Australia

It is a long way when you are moving from Connecticut to Australia. Whether you are moving to the sunset coast in Western Australia, or to the east coast with the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane; it doesn’t matter which city, suburb or town you are moving to in Australia. Intlmovers can help you find international moving companies who can offer expert assistance with your move ‘Down Under’.

International moving quotes

Intlmovers offers you an easy and quick way of finding a number of international movers who specialize in moves all across Australia. You simply enter your departure location and your destination using the easy to use drop down menu below. You will be presented with a list of companies whose profile matches your international moving needs. Complete a few basic details about your move, and your request is forwarded immediately to those companies automatically. No chasing around, no waiting around, just direct quote responses to help you get your move organized.

International moves to Australia

Thousands of moves are made between Australia and the USA annually. It makes sense to trust your personal or business goods with professionals who understand the rules and regulations around international transport and logistics. They can help ensure that your goods are shipped carefully and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other aspect of your international move to Australia.

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To quickly and easily compare international movers for global relocations:

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies!’
  2. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for your global relocation.

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Using Intlmovers.com for your international move from Connecticut to Australia

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Australia
  2. Avoid the stress, the movers do all the hard work
  3. They have contacts in Australia which can make your move cheaper

About moving from Connecticut to Australia

Visa requirements when moving to Australia
There are a quite a few options available for workers and students seeking a visa for temporary stays in Australia. There is a reciprocal agreement in place with a large number of countries including the USA to help improve cultural awareness and promote international relations and experiences.

Australia is an extremely popular choice for backpackers that wish to travel and explore and be able to take advantage of short term work opportunities. The main types of visa options include:

Work visas

  • Employer sponsored visa – temporary
  • Employer sponsored visa – permanent
  • Professionals and other skilled migrants
  • Business people
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Specialist entry

Student visas

  • Higher education
  • Bachelor degree
  • Associate degree
  • Master degree
  • Higher education diploma
  • Graduate diploma
  • Graduate certificate

Employment in Australia
Major employment opportunities in Australia exist in the service industries. There are regular shortages of teachers, nurses and doctors, especially in more remote locations. In the states which have a large mining industry, good opportunities exist for specialists with engineering and geological backgrounds.

As with many countries globally, there is growth in IT areas of technical management and development. In the business sector in general, there are opportunities for sales and account managers in many fields. Around one third of the total workforce in Australia is employed as government employees (both state and federal) and make up the public sector group.

Cost of living in Australia
The cost of living in Australia is considered quite comparable with US standards. Certainly, the city or town in which you live will determine your weekly rental or mortgage costs. In general, the larger cities attract higher real estate prices, with homes that are closer to water (rivers and beaches) often having higher values.

Eating out can be done relatively cheaply but five star dining is naturally another story. In some restaurants, Australia has a system of bringing your own alcohol (beer or wine) which is often referred to as ‘’BYO’’. You will often be charged a corkage fee, for the use of glasses and refrigeration and the opening of the bottles for you.

Most people who live in the USA request moving quotes from Connecticut, Washington and Ohio

International moving quotes

Intlmovers has partnered in helping people find the right international moving company quote since 2003. Intlmovers sends more than thousand quotes per day for people who want to move from anywhere within the USA to anywhere in the world!

Below are some examples of quotation requests submitted for international moves

Moving from Connecticut to Australia
(Quotation date06/14/2017 23:01:56)
Family of four returning home to Australia – queen size bed, 2 single beds, bedroom side tables, 3 x 2 seater couch, dining table, 8 chairs, around 50 boxes personal goods

Moving from Connecticut to Australia
(Quotation date05/29/2017 19:14:56)
Single move with around 30 boxes, assorted sizes and weights. Not completely sure how much more there is, but it is an upstairs apartment but lift access is available.

Moving from Connecticut to Australia
(Quotation date05/20/2017 18:14:23)
Executive couple with a few large items of furniture including sofa and bed, around 10 boxes of books, along with kitchenware and other items.

Tips for moving from Connecticut to Australia

Tip 1 K. Rivers moved from Connecticut to Australia one year ago
Maybe not the first piece of advice you’ll receive but Aussies, like us Americans, just love their sport and are pretty passionate about it, especially during winter when the football is on. Tread carefully when you choose your team, because there’s a lot of (light hearted) rivalry, which is really hard to resist getting caught up in!

Tip 2 M. Round moved from Connecticut to Australia nine months ago
I was arranging a transfer with my work so I was able to get some great help from colleagues in Sydney who offered me advice about where to look for renting and travel distances to the office and things like that. I found it really useful to have a bit of background info from the locals.

Tip 3 H. Fenwick moved from Connecticut to Australia six months ago
We had a big yard sale at home before we left and were able to reduce a lot of our packing, and save time and money by only bringing the things we thought we could really not do without. We still had a huge amount of stuff with us, but I’d hate to think what it would have been like otherwise.

Tip 4 F. Colway moved from Connecticut to Australia four months ago
Remember that there is not much point packing your electrical stuff because in Australia and New Zealand the wall sockets are different. I have a bunch of thing that I thought about getting converted but it is just not worth it.

Tip 5 J. Salisbury moved from Connecticut to Australia eight weeks ago
I went to my first Aussie barbecue last weekend, and it was good fun. Now I understand the joke about the women in the kitchen and the men around the fire! Seriously, it was a really great afternoon.

Tips for obtaining your visa for your move to Australia

Tip 1 S. Meren moved from Connecticut to Australia one year ago
Make sure you know exactly what is required by the Embassy so that you don’t waste your time and theirs by supplying insufficient paperwork. It will save you a lot of unnecessary effort if you get it right the first time around.

Tip 2 O. Michaels moved from Connecticut to Australia ten months ago
We moved with my husband’s work so we found it relatively easy to arrange what was needed for our visa. It looks as if we will be getting an extended contract so we need to confirm that everything in relation to our visa is still covered going forward but I believe everything is already arranged.

Tip 3 T. Pead moved from Connecticut to Australia six months ago
It is definitely worth doing a bit of homework online beforehand and hearing about others and their experience. You can avoid falling in to the same traps and save yourself some stress by being a little prepared of what to expect.

Tip 4 S. Koster moved from Connecticut to Australia four months ago
There was a great online tool that we found that helped us understand a little better about how the process works, so we think that it helped us ensure that we had the correct things ready when we submitted our application.

Tip 5 M. Fredders moved from Connecticut to Australia six weeks ago
We found that it was money well spent by having an agent help us with the visa application process. They were able to guide us through some of the confusing processes and ensure that we didn’t get too caught up in the complicated jargon, and our visa was arranged relatively smoothly.

No cost, no obligation

Comparing quotes is one of the best ways to get the best deal for your international move. You can compare the services on offer, alongside the associated costs, and make a much more informed decision about what you are getting for your dollar. Quotes obtained through Intlmovers are provided completely obligation free. You should only accept a quote if you are completely satisfied with the offer provided.

Moving from Connecticut to Australia
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