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Moving to Montreal, Canada

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International Moving to Montreal, Canada

If you are Moving to Montreal, Canada, you can search for your international moving company at Intlmovers. Only professional and experienced moving companies are listed here. Move whatever you want and need, from just a few boxes to the whole apartment! Our moving companies will provide you with their best services for your moving.

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Search for moving companies on Intlmovers. By just filling in the simple form, you will get quotes from up to 6 international moving companies and choose the best one for you which meets your requirements the best. The service is absolutely free and no obligation!

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  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Montreal
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About Montreal, Canada

Moving from Montreal, Canada
If you are moving from Montreal, Canada to the USA, then you do not need a visa but you will need your passport or ID..

In regards to a US working visa for Canadians, TN visa, it is easy to get one at the port of entry. For this you will need some documents. This includes proof of your Canadian citizenship, a request for TN status, a copy of your university degree or other educational certificates and the information or request from a perspective employer.

If you are moving to a European Union country, Canadians do not need a visa if they are staying for a maximum of three months. After this time, you need to request a residence permit. A working permit is required by Canadians.

Moving to Montreal, Canada
The rules for moving to Montreal are similar to moving from it. Visiting Canada, Americans do not need a visa but will need a valid passport or ID. Australians require an electronic visa for Canada, and if they are working there, they will also require a work permit. EU citizens do not need a visa, but if they wish to work in Canada then a work permit is required,. You need to go to the Canadian embassy for work visas.

Working opportunities
As there are two languages spoken in Montreal, should you speak both English and French, then your opportunities to find a job are extended.

Montreal is known to be one of the most high tech cities in Canada. The headquarters of the Canadian Space Agency, Canadian Aviation Electronics, Ericsson Canada Inc. and other are located in Montreal.

The most well developed industries in Montreal include: aerospace, software engineering, banking,, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.

The most in demand jobs are IT specialists, account managers, sales managers, financial consultants and accountants.

Popular moves to Montreal, Canada

San Francisco Melbourne Paris New York Munich 

People from Montreal moved mostly to London, San Francisco and Melbourne

Specialists in international moves from and to Montreal

The companies that you can find on Intlmovers are experienced in moving and shipping internationally. They will professionally handle your international move. They provide a full range of services: storage, packing, delicate moves and more. Entrust your move to specialists and they will deliver your belongings safe and right on time.

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Finding your international mover from or to Montreal is easy. Just fill the simple request form and it will be sent directly to up to six international moving companies. They will contact you and offer their prices and services. Choose the one which meets your needs best!

Moving to Montreal, Canada
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