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You don’t have to spend a fortune on your Moving to Madrid, Spain. Intlmovers provides you with a free online quote comparison service that is quick to use, easy to use and free to use! Compare quotes from up to six international moving companies. They are specialists with moves to Madrid, and locations all across Spain. It will save you time because you only need to submit one request in order to receive multiple replies for your move to Madrid.

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There are a lot of things to factor in when you are making an international move. When you are planning your move to Madrid, you may need assistance with packing and storage as well as the international move itself. No matter where you are now, Intlmovers has the right international moving company that can help you with your moving needs for Madrid.

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All you need to do to submit a free request with Intlmovers is use the drop down menu. Select where you are moving from and to. Our system reviews your location and matches a number of international moving specialists directly with your request.

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Moving to Madrid, Spain

Not surprisingly, is a popular choice for many expats to relocate to the Spanish capital. Not least being that it is the largest city and therefore offers a number of benefits. Madrid has a population of just under 3.5 million residents. The extended metropolitan area of Madrid has a total of nearly 6.5 million people. Which makes it one of the largest metro areas in the EU. This extensive area is generally broken down in to two distinct urban areas which are namely the inner ring and the outer ring.

Living in Madrid
The city of Madrid is broken down into a total of 21 districts: Centro, Arganzuela, Retiro, Salamanca, Chamartín, Tetuán, Chamberí, Fuencarral-El Pardo, Moncloa-Aravaca, Latina, Carabanchel, Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Moratalaz, Ciudad Lineal, Hortaleza, Villaverde, Villa de Vallecas, Vicálvaro, San Blas, Barajas. When you arrive, it’s important that you register to obtain an NIE, an identification number for non-nationals of Spain. You should do this within 90 days of your arrival by attending your local office or police station and providing your passport and paying the appropriate fee.

Climate in Madrid
Whilst Madrid is seen by many as a location that offers endless sunshine, whilst the Mediterranean climate offers residents hot and dry summers, the winters can be very cold and receive snowfall. This is mainly a result of the city’s height above sea level.

Cost of living in Madrid
In general, the cost of living in Spain is considered very reasonable. The costs in the major cities including Madrid and Barcelona are generally the highest in the country. The wages in Spain are very low, so in comparison with your living costs. Whilst the exact figures are dependent upon your chosen accommodation and lifestyle, the average weekly expenses for a comfortable way of life is quoted to be at between 1100-1400 per month.

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It could not be easier to request and obtain a number of quotes for your international move to Madrid. When you use the online service of Intlmovers. All the quotes that you receive should be fairly evaluated by you to make sure that they meet your criteria. Choose the one that you feel best matches your needs and your budget. Should you find that none of them are quite what you were expecting? You are under no obligation. All quotes supplied with Intlmovers are 100% obligation free!

Moving to Madrid, Spain
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