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Moving to Korea

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Moving to Korea

If you are planning Moving to Korea, you may have discovered that it is no easy task. As with all international moves, your first step is to enlist the expert help of an international moving or shipping company. They are professionals in the field of international moving, no matter where in the world you are moving to, whether it is overseas or across the continent.

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Save yourself both time and money with Intlmovers. To avoid the stress, you can use the service of Intlmovers, it is absolutely obligation free. With just one click you will have the opportunity to receive up to 6 free quotes from reliable moving and shipping companies for international moves all over the world.

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About Korea

Emigrating to Korea
Emigrating to South Korea is in most cases no problem. The government in South Korea is quite relaxed concerning immigration and visa issues. Citizens of many countries will be allowed to stay in South Korea for several months without any visa documents.

For example:

  • Canadian citizens – 6 months
  • European citizens, except Italian – 3 months
  • Citizens of Mexico, Turkey, Israel, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago, Bangladesh – 3 months
  • Citizens of Lesotho – 2 months
  • Citizens of Tunisia – 1 month
  • Citizens of the most countries are allowed to stay for tourist reasons for at least 30 days

For longer stays, there are several visa types:

  • Diplomacy/Official Business Status
  • Employment Visa
  • Non-profit & Short-term stay Visa
  • Long-term stay Visa

If you wish to obtain Korean citizenship, you can apply for it via the Korean immigration office. The requirements are fairly strict. You have to prove either a large investment from $US 500,000 or have an imminent career in the one of the following fields: science, education, business, sports or the arts.

If you are the owner of a recreational facility in Korea and have invested $US 200,000 in Korea, you have other opportunities to obtain a residence permit.

Additionally, you have the option to obtain a residence permit if you are a Korean national that has received a foreign nationality in the past. Also minors or spouses of Koreans who are obtaining a study, residence or work visa can apply for a residence permit.

Living in Korea
The most common accommodation in Korea is either a standard city apartment downtown or a city house in the suburbs. Regardless of whether your preference is an apartment or city house, the landlord should offer you a long-term contract, which is normally for a period of two years.

The monthly rental costs for an apartment in a city can vary between $US 600.00 – 5,000. As opposed to this, a city house (villa) varies between US$ 2,000 – 10,000. Certainly, the actual costs are dependent upon the size of the property and the facilities that may be included.

Working in Korea In Korea there is a shortage of native English speakers and they are in demand. In the following industry sectors, English speakers are being sought:

  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • International business
  • Marketing
  • English related:
    • University language institutes
    • Language exchange programs
    • Tutoring courses
    • Advertising companies
    • Research institutes

In fact, English is so much in demand that often accommodation is made available to people who are emigrating to Korea to teach the language.

Popular international moves to Korea

From Canada to Korea From India to Korea From United Kingdom to Korea From Australia to Korea From Indonesia to Korea

Mainly people from the United States, Canada and India moving to Korea

Experiences of our relocation companies

Thanks to years of experience, the moving and shipping companies on Intlmovers excel at international moving. Regardless of where you are moving to in Korea, the moving and shipping companies will take care of your personal and business goods, so that you can relax and focus your energy on other matters related to your relocation.

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Requesting free quotes via Intlmovers is so easy! In contrast to do a broad search on the internet, Intlmovers uses your location selections to preselect 6 moving companies which are specific to your request. The only thing you have to do is select your preferred companies from the list and then request their moving quotes. All that is left to do is to compare their offers in the comfort of your own home.

Moving to Korea
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