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Compare the Best & Cheapest International Shipping Companies

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Compare the Best & Cheapest International Shipping Companies

What to consider for international shipping?

When you are thinking about international shipping, you can consider the following ways to deliver your load to your required destination. Consider the options of air, sea and land shipping and transport. The competent international shipping companies listed on the website will help you to choose the best way to deliver your goods to its final destination.

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On Intlmovers you can complete just one simple request form with your details and information about the load that you wish to ship internationally. Up to six international shipping companies presented in our listing will contact you directly by phone or email and offer you their international shipping rates. Select the best value for your move and save money!

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To quickly and easily compare international shipping companies:

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on ‘Find international shipping companies!’
  2. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for international shipping.

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Evaluating international shipping
International shipping can be fulfilled in three different ways: by air, by sea and by land. Depending on your destination and the delivery requirements, you can opt for one of these methods.

Each option has its own benefits, so don’t be concerned if you have to ship overseas and aren’t sure about either air or sea transport. International shipping companies listed here have enough offices abroad and partners all around the globe to pick up your load at the port and to deliver it to the final destination by land transport.

International shipping by sea
Moving by sea is one of the most popular ways of shipping when it comes to moving overseas. This type is most appealing for people who are price conscious and value the safety of the delivery. Transporting goods by sea has the following advantages:

  • cheaper for volumetric and heavy load
  • absence of restrictions on the volume and weight of goods
  • can save time if departure and destinations points are close to sea port

Some of the drawbacks of shipping by sea include the dependence of the departure timetable and the weather conditions. Additionally, it requires extra transport for the transfer of goods from the port to its specific destination.

International shipping by land
When considering options for moving or transporting goods by land, there are commonly two methods: truck or train. In regards to truck shipping, the most significant advantage of this is the flexibility of routes. This means that you can adjust the route as/when it may be needed.

It saves you time and money when shipping to nearby destinations. Shipping via trucks often has a quicker loading time and has the advantage of allowing small volume delivery loads in comparison with some other means of transport.

International shipping by train

When considering shipments by train, the main advantages include:

  • high maximum load capacity
  • less dependence on weather conditions
  • low cost
  • patency in remote regions and far distances

The main disadvantage of this kind of transport is that is not possible to deliver a load “door to door” and therefore will require extra transport options for reaching its final destination.

International shipping by air
This type of shipping offers a number of valuable advantages for international moving. It is ideal for long distance, and as it is the quickest method it also saves you time for when moving over a long distance. Further, air transport offers a very safe and secure manner of delivery.

The cargo compartment of the goods is fixed in such a way so as not to move during the flight. One of the main drawbacks of shipping by air includes the important fact that it is often the highest priced option than other means of transport. It is also reliant upon weather conditions, time schedules and the necessity of extra transport to deliver the goods to door.

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Experienced movers in international shipping

The international shipping companies listed have many years of valuable experience in international shipping. They are striving to offer you the optimal way to move, whilst ensuring the highest quality and maintaining a competitive price. They are able to ship your load the way you like either by air, land or sea.

The international shipping companies can often offer you extra services such as insurance, dissembling, assembling of your furniture and belongings, packing and other value added services. Entrust your move to professionals!

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