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Making the decision for an international move is a big decision and the beginning of an exciting time. However, it can also become a very stressful time so once you have made that decision; the logistics soon come in to play.

In addition to co-ordinating a whole number of things at the same time, one of your first priorities will be to arrange the packing and moving of all of your possessions. Whilst moving around the corner in your local area may be achievable with a couple of friends and a trailer, an international move involves a little more effort.

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Benefits of using

  • Logistical expertise
  • Moving and packing know how
  • Ensuring correct procedures at both ports

Get professionals to help

professional to help Whilst moving around the corner in your local area may be achievable with a couple of friends and a trailer, an international move involves a little more effort. Using this site can really help ease the load of worrying about how you need to ensure the safe arrival of your goods at your new destination.

You can not only save yourself time and money by comparing quotes from international movers, but you can also safe yourself a lot of mental stress as well!

Efficiency in logistics

International movers specialize in the world of logistics and international rules and regulations. They will not only provide you qualified information on how best to pack and ship your goods, but they will be able to help you track and maintain their whereabouts throughout transit. In addition, they are familiar with local laws and legal obligations so that they can help ensure that there are no hiccups or delays when it comes to additional paperwork.

Popular destinations for international movers

popular destinations from US
Intlmovers statistics show that the most popular international moving destinations are Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia and Germany

Value in services

When you are preparing for you international move, it is a good idea to get a number of quotes to compare not only the different prices that international movers quote you, but also the different services that may be included as part of their offer.

These additional services may include:

  • packing services
  • special handling e.g. fragile, antique items
  • storage options

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International movers

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"We needed to get a whole house of stuff moved in a hurry. I was losing sleep over how I was going to manage it all. We found your website and we were amazed at how easy it was to find the right international moving company. They did everything so professionally that my family had no concerns whatsoever. Great job!"
V. Travers - Moved from Sydney (AUS) to Singapore (SG)

"We received fast responses for our international moving inquiry. We were easily able to make a choice from the quotes were given and feel that we got good value for our money. Excellent service!"
P. Cortez - Moved from Barcelona (SP) to London (UK)

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