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About Moving to Guinea

Guinea has a an economic wealth in minerals, such as bauxite, high-grade iron ore, diamond and gold deposits, and uranium. Guinea also has growth in the agricultural and fishing sectors. The climate, land and water, provide the perfect conditions for farming and agroindustry. Preparation is very important step in a long journey. It is useful to have a little information about Moving to Guinea.

Jobs available in Guinea are logically focused on these industries, mostly in mining and fishing industries but also in the oil and gas industries.

Guinea has over 4 international schools available if you are planning to move with children. Guinea has a small but growing expat community. As more people move to Guinea there are some issues with proper housing but not a big issue if your move is company paid or a relocation.

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Three reasons to move to Guinea

By comparing the quotes that you receive, you can more quickly see the different services that are on offer from the different companies and make sure that you get the best value for your international moving budget.

  • Economic growth due to natural rich resources
  • Jobs available in farming, mining, fishing, oil and gas industries
  • Good climate

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For submitting your request using the easy to use drop down menu below. You will be contacted back directly by the companies to move you to Guinea. They will arrange a customized moving quote for your international move to Guinea. It doesn’t have to be a hassle chasing around for quotes. Intlmovers does the work in the background for you. It won’t take you a long time to submit your moving request for your move to Guinea. In that one easy request you can get six obligation free responses!

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