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Moving to Greece

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Moving to Greece

When you planned moving to Greece, then you should think about working with a reliable international moving company. Wherever you are moving or shipping from, you can quickly and easily find the right company wo helps you with your international move. Intlmovers will allow you to compare services and costs for your move to Greece.

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Intlmovers helps you to save both time and money for your international move to Greece. Using Intlmovers is the quickest and most reliable way to find the right moving company for your move by comparing quotes from several international movers in your region. Try it now without any obligation!

How www.intlmovers.com works

How Intlmovers.com works
  1. Choose where you are moving to and from on the menu
  2. Select from the listed international movers
  3. Complete the simple online quotation request form

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How it works for your move to Greece

  1. Choose the destination you are moving from (for example: Australia) and the destination you are moving to (Greece)
  2. Select the listed international movers and click on the request button
  3. Complete your online quotation request

About Greece

Greece visa requirements
If you are considering a move from a European Union country to Greece, then you can avoid many required document issues. The main benefit of such a move is that you do not require a visa for your move. Moving to Greece only requires a valid passport or ID card.

Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Croatia and South Korea do not need a visa either if they are staying in Greece for no longer than three months. Passport holders from other countries should apply for a visa via the Greek Embassy in their resident country.

Work permit in Greece
Coming from one of the European Union (EU) countries, you do not need a work permit to be employed in Greece. Coming from most other countries, you need to obtain a visa. You can apply for a residence/work permit within 30 days of your arrival in Greece at the local municipal office.

The validity period can be from one to (up to) five years. There are several types of work visa depending on your personal circumstances (self-employed, consultant, employee, executive). However, the work permit application remains general for all types.

Business opportunities in Greece
Greece has undergone a number of changes recently which has caused some instability in the economy. However, there are still opportunities and during a period economic crisis, it can actually clean the markets of the old rules and create new opportunities. Therefore there are great prospects for penetrating the Greek market. There is an immense field for investment or opening new businesses. As the level of unemployment is above average, there should be no problem with finding employees.

Finding an apartment in Greece
Greece is a popular destination when it comes down to buying a property. The favorable climate and social and relaxed way of life is extremely appealing. It comes as no surprise that many people choose Greece as a destination to spend their retirement. Greece has a number of advantages in comparison with some other popular destinations. Namely, the costs of buying property and reduced cost of living are an attractive draw card for Greece. The easiest way to find the apartment is looking on the internet or through the agency as an alternative option.

Popular international moves to Greece

United States France United Kingdom Canada Cyprus Spain Switzerland Russia Ireland

Mainly people from the Australia and United States moving to Greece

Specialists in international moves to Greece

Intlmovers provides you with up to six international moving and shipping companies in your area. The companies listed on the website are able to handle all types of moves, without any difficulty. They are able to transport your business and personal goods carefully and efficiently. It can range from a few boxes of fragile items to entire apartments and homes.

Quick and easy quotes for your move to Greece

To get the prices for your specific move, you need just a few minutes to complete the simple request form. After that, the companies will contact you directly to offer their competitive prices corresponding to your individual request. Choose the best value for your move.

Moving to Greece
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