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Moving to Essen, Germany

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Moving to Essen, Germany

Moving to Essen, Germany may be difficult to arrange all by yourself. Whether you are moving across the continent or overseas, it may mean you need to ship your furniture to Germany. The best way to handle such a move is to enlist the services of an international moving company to help you with the organization and transport.

Avoid the stress for your removal to Essen

With such a huge selection of moving companies available to find on the internet can often lead to confusion. You are never sure if the moving company you choose is serious and reliable. When you use Intlmovers to help you with your search, you can be sure that you are requesting and comparing offers only from professional international moving companies.

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Why you should use Intlmovers.com for your international removal to Essen

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Essen
  2. Avoid the stress and let the movers do all the hard work
  3. They have contacts in Essen which can make your move cheaper

About Essen, Germany

If you plan to move to Essen in Germany, you will have to face different immigration situations depending on your citizenship. There are several options for EEA citizens and non-EEA citizens. EEA citizens are allowed to work in their country of choice without any visa restrictions. If you are no citizen from the EEA, you may have to apply for a visa Nevertheless there are some visa exceptions for the following countries:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland

For these countries there are special conditions. You do not need a visa for a stay of up to 3 months, but if you intend to stay longer you will have to apply for a residence permit (for EEA citizens this is not required). For all other countries, a valid visa is needed to be able to apply for a residence permit.

There are a number of accepted reasons to apply for a residence permit in Germany:

  • Work
  • Education
  • Reasons according to international law
  • Humanitarian, political, familiar reasons

If you need to apply for a visa first, you have the following visa options:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Business
  • Family/marriage
  • Visits

Popular moves to Essen

New York Liverpool Canberra Toronto Basel Lille 

Essen is a popular destination for people from New York, Liverpool and Canberra

Experience of our relocation companies

The relocation companies listed on Inltmovers are able to organize your relocation overseas or cross-country. A reliable and professional moving and shipping company will be the best way to help ensure nothing goes wrong. Years of experience have gone in to shaping their skills in international moving and shipping.

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Using this comparison service on Intlmovers is totally free of costs and absolutely obligation free. You can request up to 6 quotes from international moving companies and compare them in the comfort of your own home.

Moving to Essen, Germany
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