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Using the online quotation comparison service of Intlmovers costs nothing at all. It is a quick and easy way of requesting free quotes in order to compare your options for your international move to Costa Rica. It will only take you a couple of moments to submit your request, but you can receive up to six quote responses to help you make your moving company decision.

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Moving to Costa Rica

Situated in Central America, Costa Rica is a small Latin American country with a population of just under five million people. It covers an area of just more than 51 thousand square kilometers. Costa Rica’s northern border is Nicaragua and Panama to the southeast. The west coast is the Pacific Ocean and the east coast is the Caribbean Sea. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish and the national currency is the cólon. The capital and largest city of Costa Rica is San José.

Visa requirements for Costa Rica
The visa requirements for Costa Rica are dependent upon your country of citizenship and your country of residence. As with all international travel, you should check with your local embassy prior to travel. To clarify to exact requirements pertaining to your particular situation.

Whilst subject to special conditions, arrivals from many countries (including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, USA to name a few) may stay in Costa Rica for a fixed number of days without the need of a visa. The Costa Rican Department of immigration is responsible for visa applications. They have categorized countries into four groups. Nationals arriving from group one and group two can enter Costa Rica without a consular visa, the period of stay is limited to a maximum period of 90 or 30 days. Nationals from group three will need a consular visa. Group four nationals may receive a restricted visa that has to be approved by the Director of Immigration.

If a visa is required for Costa Rica, the following is generally required:

  • Correctly completed visa application form and fee
  • Purpose of Visit Letter (Business must be in Spanish)
  • Current passport (with expiry date at least six months after your intended date of stay)
  • Copy of your personal details from your passport (plus all used visa pages)
  • Colour passport photograph
  • Your itinerary showing planned arrival and departure dates
  • Three latest bank statements or pay dockets (proof of sufficient funds)
  • Any additional supporting documentation deemed necessary

If you are planning on working in Costa Rica, you will need to have a work permit. Foreigners that have a residency permit or have refugee status are able to work without a work permit. Applications for work permits are processed by the sponsoring organization. This is for companies to process foreign staff and has a number of special requirements.

Popular moves to Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a popular international destination for people from United States, Singapore and Israel

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The experience offered by the international moving companies that promote their services on Intlmovers cannot be underestimated. They understand the ins and outs of international moving and logistics. They can help you prepare for your move. Ensure that your goods are carefully and efficiently moved to your new international location in Costa Rica. Experienced movers can help you with your moving experience!

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One of the main benefits of requesting quotes via Intlmovers , in addition to being quick, easy and cost free, is that all responses are completely obligation free. We want you to be completely satisfied with the quote that you receive. So we recommend that you only accept a quote if it meets your moving needs. Obtain cost free and obligation free quotes easily with Intlmovers!

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