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About Moving to China

China is one of the biggest countries in the world and has the largest population of the world with 1.338.612.968 people. At the moment China is one of the strongest economies of the world and it’s still increasing. Preparation is very important step in a long journey. It is useful to have a little information about Moving to China.

With a strong growing economy China is a country with a lot of expats. Almost every big company has a office in China. Some of the main important export products are electronics and cars. The most important city of China is Shanghai with the biggest seaport of the world. Shanghai is one of the most important import and export cities of the world.

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Intlmovers is a quick and easy way of finding and comparing international moving companies that can help you with your relocation to China. By using Intlmovers you save both time and money, because Intlmovers allows you to compare international moving quotes from op to six experienced moving companies at once without any obligation.

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Five reasons to move to China

Because of the size of the country and the increasing economy China has a lot of benefits.

  • China is the one of the worlds largest economies.
  • China is the fastest growing economy of the world.
  • There is a great international community in China.
  • There are a lot of international schools and universities in China.
  • There are a lot of options for native speaking English teachers as well for other languages.

International schools in China

There are a lot of good International schools in China. If you are moving with children we advise you to apply them to an international school 9 to 6 months before your international move. There might be a waiting list.

Name school Located in Accredited?
Beacon Hill School Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
Beijing City International SchoolGood Beijing Yes
Chinese International School Hong Kong Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
Dalian American International School Good Dalian Yes
Glenealy School Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
International School of Beijing Good Beijing Yes
International School of Tianjin Good Tianjin Yes
Kennedy School Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
King George V School Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
Nanjing International School Good Nanjing Yes
Sha Tin Junior School Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
Shanghai Singapore International School Good Shanghai Yes
Teda International School Good Tianjin Yes
West Island School Good Hong Kong (SAR) Yes
Yew Chung International School of Beijing Good Beijing Yes
Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Good Shanghai Yes
American International School of Guangzhou Guangzhou
Canadian International School of Beijing Beijing
Discovery College Hong Kong (SAR)
EtonHouse International School Wuxi Wuxi
Harrow International School Beijing Beijing
Renaissance College Hong Kong (SAR)
The ISF Academy Hong Kong
Wellington College International Tianjin Beijing

Comparing moving quotes for your relocation to China

Using the Intlmovers service won’t cost you anything at all, but it’s likely you will save money by using the free quotation service. By only one request you will receive up to six moving quotes from experienced international moving companies.By comparing quotes that you receive, you can more quickly see the different services that are on offer from the different companies.

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After submitting your quote request you will be contacted soon by moving companies who will send you their personal moving quote in writing. Don’t bother chasing around quotes, because Intlmovers does the work in the background for you.

Moving to China
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