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With an international move from or to Canberra, it can cause you additional stress when arranging an overseas move. Therefore, most people want to leave the organizing of their international move to an expert removalist. On Intlmovers, there are many reliable professionals listed who are able to conduct your move carefully and reliably.

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Via Intlmovers you have the opportunity to find your preferred moving company to help you with your international move to or from Canberra. This will take just a few minutes and will save you both time and money. Choose the best value international moving company by comparing up to 6 free offers.

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  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Copenhagen.
  2. Avoid the stress by let the movers do the hard work.
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Moving to Canberra

For people wishing to emigrate to Australia, there are a number of options for workers and students. Australia has reciprocal agreements with a number of countries to increase and improve cultural awareness. It has become an extremely popular choice for backpackers who are wishing to travel with short term work opportunities. Different subclass visas are available and broken down as follows:

There is a working visa for people from:
Europe: Belgium ,Cyprus Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom
North America: Canada
Asia: Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.

Additionally there is a separate visa available for applicants from:
South America: Argentina and Chile
North America: the United States
Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey
wishing to arrange a holiday and work visas for Australia.

Work visas

Employer sponsored visa – temporary
Allows approved skilled workers to work for a particular period of time in work requested fields of occupation in Australia.

Employer sponsored visa – permanent
Sponsorship for skilled workers to work in requested fields of occupation in Australia.

Professionals and other skilled migrants
Allows professionals and other skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer to work in Australia.

Business people
Allows business people to come to the ACT for short term business visits.

Doctors and nurses
If you are seeking a permanent residency status as a doctor, you have to obtain a full medical registration. As a nurse you can work or gain additional skills in Australia.

Specialist entry
This is a special visa that allows people to work in Australia if they are participating in professional, social or cultural activities.

Student visas

Higher education
If you intend completing higher education you may qualify under the higher education option. The following areas are included in the higher education sector:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Associate degree
  • Master degree
  • Higher education diploma
  • Graduate diploma
  • Graduate certificate

Visa requirements and rulings are regularly under review. It is always recommended that you check with your local Australian embassy to confirm the latest information in regards to travel advice and to be fully aware of the needs for your particular situation.

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Canberra is a popular international destination for people from Dunedin, Oxford and Hawaii

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Years of experience in overseas and international moves has shaped the moving companies listed on Intlmovers. They have the knowledge and expertise to best advise you on all the important things to consider for an international move. By taking advantage of the services offered by a renowned moving company on Intlmovers, you do not have to worry about the transport of your goods. You can relax in the knowledge that everything is being handled expertly and professionally.

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Intlmovers will save you time and money because this service is totally free of costs. It is quick and easy to use. In just a few steps you can choose the moving companies that you want to request quotes from. By comparing the quotes that are sent directly to your email box, you will find the right moving company for your move to or from Canberra.