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Moving to Quebec Canada

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Moving to Quebec Canada

Intlmovers is the perfect way to request up to six quotes from different international moving companies. If you are moving to or from Quebec, we have moving and shipping companies who are specialists in moves to and from the Quebec area. It is quick and easy to submit your request, and you will only need to take a couple of minutes to complete the request form. The international moving companies will contact you directly with their offers, so there is no chasing around.

Save yourself time and money

With Intlmovers allowing you to compare a number of quotes in a single request means saving you a lot of time. You don’t have to ring around because the international moving companies receive your move request immediately. When you are able to compare a number of quotes, you can easily see what different prices and services are available and save yourself money.

Logistics and moving

Organizing an international move involves a bit of preparation and work. You can let the international moving companies, who are specialists in logistics, help you manage much of what needs to be done. They will help ensure that your move is handled professionally, and that correct processes are followed to avoid any delays with the transfer of your business and personal goods to or from your address.

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How to use Intlmovers for your Quebec move

  1. Choose where you are moving to and from on the menu.
  2. Complete the simple online form in minutes.
  3. Multiple movers will contact you within one business day.

Why you should use Intlmovers for your international move to Quebec Canada

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Quebec Canada.
  2. Avoid the stress and let the movers do the hard work.
  3. They have contacts in Quebec Canada which can make your move cheaper.

Moving to Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s largest province and the only Canadian Provence and is predominantly French speaking. This province has the warmth and feel and appearance of France which is why so many people from France still migrate to Quebec. It’s a piece of Europe sitting in the heart of Canada. When you stroll down the streets of Montreal enjoy dinning at a sidewalk patio café, or go shopping there are over 1000 boutiques in Quebec City to enjoy. Check out the old port market where you can find the craft of cheese makers, chocolatiers, or a farmers market. Quebec has everything a modern major city can offer.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and ranks 37th largest economy in the world. The economy is strong and has a low unemployment rate and a strong service and technology sector. Housing and cost of living are low to moderate and Healthcare is free. Montreal is a commuter friendly city in fact one third of Montreal residents do not have a car and use the public transit system. The metro system is one of the best public transport systems in Canada.

The Climate in Quebec varies depending on which of the three climatic zones you live in. It can go from an Arctic climate in the North and Central Part of Quebec to Continental and humid in the West. Quebec has warm to hot or humid summers and very cold snowy winters. There is a lot of rain fall around 40 inches of rain per year not including snowfall. Qu-beckers do have to endure long cold winters but make the most of the chilly period by enjoying a good amount of winter sports and winter festivals. In fact, more events take place during the winter than the summer months. Canadians stay busy in winter with cross country or downhill skiing, Ice skating, the Fire and ice festival amongst many other festivals, or enjoying a Hockey game. You don’t need to stay indoors; there is always something to do in the winter.

Quebec City is another large city in the Province that offers employment opportunities and an active festivals, markets and music events year round. There always something going on in Montreal or Quebec. Take a trip down the St. Lawrence River or enjoy a glass of wine at the Bordeaux festival you will have plenty of opportunity or meet the neighbors in this lively province.

Top 5 Reasons to Live in Quebec Canada

  1. Spacious living-Many of the towns and cities in Quebec offer spacious living, parks, views and open space at an affordable price.
  2. Family friendly social services- Canada offers a national healthcare plan so your medical care is free. There is also child care assistance and tax deduction for working parents.
  3. Sail away your troubles- With the Hudson Bay in the North and the St. Lawrence River to the west there is no shortage of sailing exploration and is an absolute dream for nautical enthusiast.
  4. Abundant hospitality- From Ice Hotels to gourmet dining on a vintage steam trains Quebec has some of the most unique restaurants and scenic hotels imaginable.
  5. Culture Awaits- Enjoy Jazz Festivals in Summer,Art festivals in spring, Opera in the fall, or visit the Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec or stroll the Montréal Botanical Gardens.

Cost of Living in Quebec

The cost of living in Quebec in a lot lower in comparison to many major cities like Chicago, London, New York or Vancouver. In fact you can expect to pay a lot less for housing and taxes than you would in most of these cities. You also can lower your expenses through Canada’s no cost heathcare system. The Canadian Heathcare plan insures that people can live a highre quality of life without compromise to their income.

Apartment Rentals

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment in Quebec $720 mo
  • 2-3 Bedroom 2 bath Apartment in Quebec $1025 mo.

Housing Prices

  • 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom Home, Garage wood floors in Quebec $283,000
  • 4 bedroom 2 bath Home garage large garden in Montreal $219,000

Experience of our moving companies

The moving companies on Intlmovers are professionals, who often offer specialization in specific services or fields. You do not have to worry about your property being damaged because they will ship it reliably and responsibly, so that your belongings arrive in unscathed and ready for you to start your new life in Quebec Canada.

Totally Free of costs and with no obligations

Without any obligation, you will have the chance to compare quotes. This will save you time and money. You will receive a preselected list of 6 moving companies, which match your international moving and shipping requirements. By requesting and comparing quotes, you will find the perfect moving company for your relocation.

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