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Moving to Brazil

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Moving to Brazil

Are you looking for a professional moving company that is able to organize Moving to Brazil? Intlmovers is the right service for you! Here you can request and compare quotes from up to 6 international moving companies.

Avoid the stress for your move to Brazil

The stress of finding an appropriate moving company for your move to Brazil might be driving you crazy. With Intlmovers, you can get everything organized quickly and easily. With just only one click you will contact up to 6 moving companies and receive their personal quotes. The whole service is free of costs and free of obligation.

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To quickly and easily compare international movers for global relocations:

  1. Select where you are to moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies!’
  2. Complete the easy request form and receive quotes directly for your global relocation.

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“Thanks to the service and information on Intlmovers we managed to make our move abroad a lot easier.”
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Top reasons to use Intlmovers for
your international move to Brazil

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to Brazil
  2. Avoid the stress and let the movers do the hard work
  3. They have contacts in Brazil which can make your move cheaper

About Brazil

Immigration and Visa for Brazil
Every European citizen with a valid passport for at least a minimum of 180 days is allowed to travel to Brazil.

If you don’t have a residence permit, you can stay for a maximum of 3 months. After 3 months you can extend your stay in Brazil for an additional 3 months.

To get a permanent residence permit you have to fit one of the seven following groups:

Administrator, manager or director of a professional or business corporation

Necessary documents:

  • Having employment from a company in Brazil (or one that is owned in Brazil)
  • Proof that you are a specialized labor that will bring benefits in technology, productivity or social aspects
  • Proof that the foreign company will adduce an investment at least US$ 200,000 in the employing company per requested visa

Administrator, manager or director of a start-up company

Necessary documents:

  • Proof that the foreign company has been in business for at least 5 years
  • Authorized prosecutor for setting up the company in Brazil
  • The visa will last for 2 years, after that period of time the foreign company has to be able to meet the minimum investment or job creation criteria

Researcher or a high level specialist

Necessary documents:

  • Proof of a Brazilian research institution that they have interest in the service of the researcher
  • A curriculum vitae and suitable academic references and diplomas

This visa is offered to foreigners who intent to invest funds in productive activities (at least US$50,000). It will generally be valid for 5 years, after which period of time the visa may be renewed if the foreigner can prove to the Federal Police that he achieved his plan of hiring Brazilian employees and demonstrate their investment plan.

Necessary documents:

  • Proof of the monthly payment of the retirement pension from the responsible agency
  • A bank declaration which proves the monthly transfer over a minimum of US$ 200,000

Marriage to a Brazilian citizen
You need to submit an application to the Ministry of Justice or to a Brazilian forign consolate. Immigration officials will visit your home to assure that it is not about a “marriage of convenience”.

Researcher or a high level specialist
As parent or parents of a Brazilian child you are granted a permanent visa. The application is to make to the Ministry of Justice or to a Brazilian consulate abroad.

Working in Brazil
In Brazil there is almost no unemployment, but there are many low-wage earners. The monthly minimum wage is set to 350 Reais (1 Dollar = 1.85 Reais). If a Brazilian is unemployed, he will get a type of jobseeker allowance for only 6 months. After that period of time the citizen is expected to have been able to find a new job, because then the support will be no longer be available.

To be able to work in Brazil you will need accordance from the authorities. Your future employer has to request an employment permit from the responsible department of deployment, so that you are allowed to start your work.

Popular moves to Brazil

Brazil is a popular destination for people from the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia and Chile

Experiences of our relocation companies

The international relocation companies on Intlmovers are professionals. You can rely on them while they are organizing your moving or shipping to Brazil. Thanks to years of international experience and service, they have a high level of care and responsibility. Your household goods will arrive well cared for at your new home.

100% free of costs and obligation

Intlmovers is offering you a service without any costs or obligation. If you need a moving or shipping company quickly, then this is a perfect way to find the best value. Your request will only take you a few minutes. After the international moving companies have received your request, you can begin comparing their prices and services. You are under no obligation! If you think one meets your needs, you can contact the moving company for further information.

Moving to Brazil
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