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Moving quotes made easy!

Moving around the corner or around the world, it doesn’t matter. One of the first things that most people want to organize is someone to help them with their move. It is never an easy task because it is incredible how much you accumulate over time. Packing and moving can feel like a huge overwhelming job, but it doesn’t have to! Compare moving quotes for your international move on Intlmovers.

Receive multiple moving quotes in a single request

When you use Intlmovers, is it is quick and easy to request, receive and compare the different options from moving companies. You can receive quotes from up to six moving companies in a single request. This lets you easily compare prices and services, which will save you both time and money! Avoid the stress and request moving quotes without obligation!

You may not move house very often, so you may be concerned about what to ask for and what to do. Here’s a few suggestions for dealing with moving quotes to help get you on the move!

Cheapest is not always best

Some movers may overlook belongings while estimating or not advise you of additional extras, which is likely to make your final move invoice more expensive than they initially estimated. Avoid surprises and always ask if you are unsure of what is included in your quote.

Provide useful details

The more details that you provide initially, the more accurate your quote will be from the moving companies. They need information about how much you have move so that they can more accurately calculate the manpower and vehicles that are needed. It is also relevant for them to know if you have stairs or lifts if you are not in a ground floor house or building.

Check references or recommendations

Most professional industries have a governing body or trade organization. You can check if a moving company is a member of their relevant trade group. International and national trade associations maintain professional high standards, and they can generally provide you with information about member companies.

Extra services that may be available

Often moving companies will offer more than just the transfer of your goods from one location to another, or they may work in partnership with other complementary services to offer you an all round service. Find out about:

  • Fragile, bulky and priceless article movement
  • Packing and boxing services
  • Supply of packing material (boxes, etc)
  • Storage
  • Insurance

Cost cutting tips

You can often save yourself additional costs by doing a number of things yourself. Consider the practicality of the following ideas that may help you save on your moving costs:

  • Disassemble as much as you can yourself
  • Disconnect electrical equipment
  • Enlist the help of friends to help you
  • Pack as much as you can yourself (note that self packed items are often not insured for breakage)
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