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You can make an international Moving to Arizona, USA without all the expected chasing around for information and pricing. Intlmovers make obtaining international moving quotes very easy for you. The site is a cost free and effort free way of receiving up to six different quotes from reputable international movers in a single go.

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The amount of effort that goes in to an international move cannot be underestimated. There are so many things that you need to remember to do. There are so many extra calls to make and boxes to pack, along with the arrangements at your destination as well! Save yourself some time, and let expert moving companies help you with your international moving needs.

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When you compare quotes with Intlmovers, it doesn’t cost a cent. Your request is submitted, it is automatically sent to up to six moving companies, who will respond directly to you. There is nothing more for you to do than review your options and you can then make a much more informed choice about what is best for your move to Arizona.

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  1. The international moving companies have years of experience with removals to Arizona
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Moving to Arizona

Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon state, in the south western region of the USA. It’s home to the world famous Grand Canyon National Park. The Colorado River runs through the state of Arizona. It is the sixth largest state in area, covering approximately 295,000 square kilometres (114,000 square miles).

The population of Arizona is close to 6.5 million people. The capital and largest city in Arizona is Phoenix, which has a population of around 1.5 million people. The second largest city is Tucson. Which is followed by major cities that are part of the greater Phoenix area including Mesa, Glendale and Chandler. Arizona is also home to the famous ski resort regions of Flagstaff and Alpine.

Visa requirements for Arizona
For stays of up to 90 days, there is no visa required for international moves to Arizona passport holders from a number of countries. Under the Visa Waiver program, you are allowed to arrive and stay for a maximum period. However, you should note that that there is now a processing fee involved. If you qualify under this program then you will need to first arrange this online prior to your arrival in the USA.

The USA Visa Waiver Program allows some citizens approved listing of 36 countries entry in to the USA for a period of up to 90 days without the need of a visa.

For stays outside of 90 days, you will need to obtain a work, study or other type of visa that is applicable to your needs. With all types of international travel, it is imperative that you arrange your appropriate visa by contacting your local embassy.

Moving from Arizona

The moving companies on Intlmovers are professionals, who often offer specialization in specific services or fields. If you are moving from Arizona you can request free moving quotes. The quotes are from the best international moving companies from Arizona.

Obligation free quotes

If you want to save time and money on your international moving needs, then Intlmovers is a great choice to help you. What you may not realize is that this quotation service is also absolutely obligation free. Have submitted your request? You received a response directly from the moving companies, you are left to decide for yourself if the quotes meet your requirements. Should you not be happy with any of the quotes that you receive back? You under absolutely no obligation to accept any offer.

Moving to Arizona, USA
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