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Intlmovers is a quick and easy way of finding and comparing international moving companies that can help you with your Moving to Angola. By using Intlmovers you save both time and money, because Intlmovers allows you to compare international moving quotes from op to six experienced moving companies at once without any obligation.

About moving to Angola

Angola, official known as Republic of Angola is a country in South-West Africa. Angola borders Namibia at the south and Congo and Zambia at the east. At the west Angola is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Angola is Luanda where almost one third of the 18 million Angolese people lives. Because of the Portuguese colonial past most of the people is Christian, almost 53%.

With Nigeria, Angola is the only country in Central and South Africa that produces oil. In 1955 for the first time the government started with producing oil. In 2008 the Economist reported that diamonds and oil make up to 60% of Angola’s total economy. But the most important for the local people is the agriculture and horticulture.

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Five reasons to move to Angola

As an expat Angola have some important benefits to move to Angola. Ofcourse everybody knows Central and South Africa because of its tropical climate. But Angola also holds some other surprises for you!

  • In 2012 Angola will start with producing natural gas
  • Living and working in a great African environment
  • Because of the expat community there are international schools in Luanda, even French and Portuguese
  • A great expat community because of the oil industry
  • Because of the location of Luanda next to the Atlantic Ocean
  • overseas shipping is not that expensive

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Moving to Angola
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