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If you are searching for moving or shipping companies in India that can help you move abroad, then Intlmovers can offer you up to 6 international moving quotes for free. You can get a good price for your move from or to India by comparing different quotes offered by professional moving and shipping companies.

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Save money and time! Your request will be sent to professional moving and shipping companies. Quotes offered by those moving companies are customized for your specific move. Best of all, the quotes you receive are cost and obligation free.

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How to use for your move from or to India

  1. Choose the country you are moving from and to (India)
  2. Select the movers you want to get quotes from
  3. Receive free quotes for your international move from or to India

Why you should use for your international move to India

  1. The movers have years of experience with moves to India
  2. Avoid the stress and let the movers do the hard work
  3. They have contacts in India which can make your move cheaper
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About India

Moving from India
Find international movers for moves to or from India. With the help of Intlmovers you can request quotes for international moving and shipping companies in India. The international movers from India can help you with your move to Australia, the United States or any other country worldwide.

Using international moving and shipping companies from India via Intlmovers has some important benefits:

  • The movers know the rules for import and export in almost every country in the world
  • They have the contacts to make your move a lot easier and cheaper
  • The movers know how to deal with the culture differences in the country you want to move to or from India

The people, the country
India is an ancient land that has rich culture diversity and a fascinating history. It is also a modern country, with the development of IT and private banking. India has a great shortage of skilled people in some growing industries, such as manufacturing, biotechnology, and telecommunications etc.

Residence permit for India
Foreigners who stay for a period longer than 182 days need to have a residence permit. The registration needs to be done in the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 2 weeks of arrival in India. When the registration is late, it will cost $30 as a fine. The FRRO has branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, and Kolkata. If you live in other city, you need to go to the Superintendent of Police (SP) of that region.

Healthcare in India
Around 80 percent of the healthcare in India is provided by private hospitals, therefore, foreigners should use private healthcare facilities in India. Foreign employees should notice that their health insurance coverage is limited to a certain hospital or some hospitals in India. When an overseas insurance company is not recognized, extra cash will be paid.

Language of India
Standard Hindi is the principal official language in India, while English is used for official and business purposes. Urdu is mostly spoken by the Muslim demographic. And, there are 16 other languages spoken in India as well.

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Popular destinations for moves to India

infograph intlmovers From United Arab Emirates to India From United States to India From to Australia to India From to United Kingdom to India From to Singapore to India From to Germany to India From to Canada to India From to Thailand to India From to Switzerland to India From to Malaysia to India

People who move to India mostly moved from United Arab Emirates, United States and Australia

Experiences of our relocation company

International moving and shipping companies at Intlmovers can help you release the stress of relocation abroad. The moving companies are professional and have years of moving and shipping experience. Whether you are looking for a moving company generally or specifically for your move, Intlmovers can help you.

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100% obligation free

Using Intlmovers is completely free and very easy. You can get up to 6 quotes from international moving and shipping companies by submitting just a single request on Intlmovers. Within a few days, you will receive a response via your email box or the moving companies will contact you by phone.

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