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If you are moving to Germany, the services of Intlmovers can help you find a professional international mover. We have international moving companies that can help you move from anywhere in the world and arrange your relocation to Germany. Receive and compare quotes for your international move to Germany on Intlmovers.

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The professional companies you will find on have many years of experience with international moving and are able to offer you their individual approach for your moving requirements. You don't have to worry anymore. Just fill in the simple form, choose the best quote and let international moving professionals handle your move for you.

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  1. Choose the country you are moving from and to (Germany)
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About Germany

Visa in Germany
If you are moving to Germany, the first thing you should think about is your visa. People who live in one of the EU member countries do not need a visa, only their valid passport or ID.

Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa if they are staying in Germany for a period of no longer than three months. These countries are United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Croatia and South Korea.

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Working permit in Germany
Staying in Germany for more than three months, you can apply for a residence permit, after which it is quite easy to get your work permit. There are different types for working permit in Germany like General Employment work permit, Specialist Professional German work permit, Self-Employed Germany work permit, German work visa for EU Nationals, "Van Der Elst" Germany work permit and some others, depending on your purposes to stay.

However, basic documents required for a work permit are:

  • Registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung)
  • Residence permit (Auftenhaltserlaubnis)
  • Proof of job offer, i.e. a certified letter from the employe

Where to live after a move to Germany
Germany is divided into 16 states with their capitals. When moving to Germany, it is often difficult to find work without speaking advanced German. However it is easier to find a job in larger international companies or corporations that have English as their corporate language.

These companies are often located in the larger industrial developed cities. This includes Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Hannover. These are often good choices when considering prospective cities for your move.

Popular moves to Germany

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Germany is a popular destination for people from the USA, the UK and Australia.

Specialists in international moves to Germany

Companies that you find in Intlmovers are professionals in international moving and have many years of experience. They are striving to offer you the top class services at a competitive price. Whether you need to deliver several boxes or the contents of a whole 3 bedroom apartment to your new premises, they will offer quality service in a timely manner. Entrust your international move to professionals!

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Intlmovers will help to save your time with your international move. Just fill in the simple form and it will be sent directly to 6 companies. They will contact you shortly afterwards by your preferred option of phone or email. Select the best international moving services and prices for your needs!

Moving from Germany

For international moves from Germany you can also use our local international movers site (German).

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A smooth move to Germany
"We were moving from the UK (London) to Germany. We only had 2 months for the move, but after filling in the form we found a company immediately. We needed to move books as well as fragile things. All of these were delivered safe and on time."
Reviewed by: D. Williams Moved from London to Germany
Rating: 9/10
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Easily found a good moving company
"My family was moving from Mexico to Germany for permanent residence. We needed to move the whole apartment. We easily found a good company with Intlmovers. The company seemed very reliable and they moved our clothes, furniture and other stuff quickly and safe! Good job!"
Reviewed by: A. Barrera Moved from Mexico to Germany
Rating: 7/10
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