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If you are t hinking about moving to Belgium, you will need to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company. Irrespective to the country that you are moving from and the weight of your load, Intlmovers will find the moving or shipping company to meet your requirements. When you complete the simple form, you can choose the moving or shipping company by comparing the quotes of several international movers in your area.

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The companies listed on Intlmovers have a lot of experience in international moving and shipping. They will move your belongings carefully to your new home in Belgium. They have reliable partners all over the world so your load will be delivered safely right to the door. Entrust your move to professional moving companies.

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About Belgium

Visa requirements for your move to Belgium
There are different visa requirements for people who move to Belgium depending on their nationality, purpose and period of stay. Coming from countries within the EU, you avoid many visa difficulties. For going to Belgium, you need only a valid passport or ID card. Even for working and living, you do not require a work permit or a residence permit.

People coming from 39 listed countries do not need a visa to visit Belgium. These countries include: Australia, Canada, Croatia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. Other nationalities must apply for a visa at their local Embassy before crossing the border in to Belgium.

Work permit for Belgium
Excluding residents of the EU, people from other countries need to obtain work permit before starting work in Belgium. There are the following types of work permits in Belgium:

  • Type A work permit: for all employees of all professions and salaries and is unlimited.
  • Type B work permit: is valued for one year and can be renewed. After five years, you can apply for a permanent work permit, type A.
  • Type C work permit: is temporary work permit for specific categories of foreign waiting for decision on right to stay.

Health care in Belgium
The health care in Belgium is known to be one of the best in the world. The health care system is divided in private and state, therefore fees are payable in both. It is recommended that you ensure you are covered by either state or government insurance. The benefit of such a system is that you are not stuck to one particular hospital in a certain location and can get the treatment according to your needs.

Going to the doctor, it is important to remember that usually each visit should be paid. Either you are insured by state insurance or by public one; you will pay some amount of money for consultancy. Before booking your appointment with the doctor, it is best to first check the fees you will be expected to pay.

International driver's license
Belgium officially recognizes the following driving licenses:

  • a Belgian driving license
  • an EU/EEA driving license
  • a recognized foreign driving license
  • a valid foreign driving license represented by an international driving license

Foreigners who have EEC issued driving license may exchange it for Belgium one, but it is not compulsory. Drivers, obtaining the non EU driving license are allowed to drive a vehicle for one year, after that period, the driving license should be changed at local authorities at the Town Hall.

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Belgium is a popular destination for people from United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Spain

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Intlmovers is the most experienced web site when it comes to international moving and shipping quotes. Here you will find quotes from specialists in international moving in your area. They were carefully selected by years of experience and positive reviews of customers.

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Easily get your moving quotes from international moving and shipping companies in your area. Just fill in the simple form on the website and company will contact you by email or phone, offering their prices specified for your request. Choose the best value.

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This is really handy service
"We used for moving from the Belgium to UK and for going back we decided to use it again because this is really handy service which helps us saving time. It was really the quickest way to find the appropriate mover. I would recommend it."
Reviewed by: J. Smith Moved from England to Belgium
Rating: 8/10
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The service was really good
"All the companies which contacted us appeared to be experienced; we choose the most suitable due to budget limit. Nevertheless, the service was really good, nothing was broken and the load was delivered on time. Good job."
Reviewed by: S. Mulder Moved from Netherlands to Belgium
Rating: 7/10
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